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3 months ago - 11.03.2023

Maison Rebatchi Unveils New Fragrance Duo With “Rougewood” and “Vanille Riviera”

The young French niche brand presents its two latest unisex fragrances "Rougewood" and "Vanille Riviera".

"A flaming score in which the intensity of amber wood highlights the delicious notes of red fruits and caramel, interwoven in a passionate embrace." - Maison Rebatchi

The invigorating freshness of "Rougewood" is introduced by the essences of Pomelo, which exudes a light citrus note. In the heart note, blackcurrant and peach blossom merge to create a floral, fruity and sweet note, which is followed by a warm-sweet accord of amber wood and caramel.


The new fragrance creation was created by perfumer Emna Doghri. Doghri owns her own fragrance design company, where Mohamed Rebatchi, the brand's founder, discovered raw materials for his perfume creations. Rebatchi and Doghri have always shared a common culture and passion for fragrances, allowing them to establish a close and friendly relationship within a short period of time.

The second fragrance novelty "Vanille Rivera" is a creation of Julie Massé. The perfumer draws inspiration for her fragrances from her numerous travels to distant lands.

"Vanille Riviera" draws from the memory of a floral and green vanilla freshly harvested in Madagascar. Lightened by vegetal tones, the dark and carnal side of the pod meets the brightness of jasmine. Some woody and spicy nuances enhance the sensuality of this beguiling melody." - Maison Rebatchi

The first sprays exude a tangy, spicy top note characterized by bergamot and galbanum. In the heart of the composition, floral notes of jasmine absolute and ylang-ylang blossom. Finally, an accord of cedarwood and vanilla orchid absolute gives the fragrance a warm and woody depth with floral and spicy nuances.

Vanille Riviera
Vanille Riviera

In 2019, Maison Rebatchi was founded by French-Algerian perfume lover Mohamed Rebatchi in Paris. In collaboration with several international master perfumers, his collection includes fragrances designed to embody the multicultural path of his childhood memories.

Rougewood & Vanille Riviera
Rougewood & Vanille Riviera

With renowned designers Pierre and Jules Dinand, Maison Rebatchi has created glass flacons with engraved Mashrabiya patterns that reflect both the founder's heritage and the brand's French roots.

The new fragrances are available in bottle sizes of 50 ml and 100 ml.

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