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1 year ago - 27.01.2023
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Paco Rabanne Celebrates 15 Years of One Million With "Lady Million Royal" and "1 Million Royal"

15 years after the launch of the popular fragrance "One Million", Paco Rabanne launches two majestic reinterpretations: "Lady Million Royal" and "1 Million Royal".

The floral-woody perfume "Lady Million Royal" is intended to represent strong and independent femininity and encourage its wearer to show her authentic self and conquer the stage. The fragrance begins with a fresh top note of pomegranate, followed by a romantic heart note of white flowers. In the finish, warm and earthy woody notes provide a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance experience.

Lady Million Royal
Lady Million Royal

With the masculine version of "1 Million Royal", Paco Rabanne wants to capture the feeling of power and wealth and encourage its wearer to free himself from conventional constraints and live by his own rules. The fragrance opens with fruity mandarin and transitions into a heart note of calming lavender. The base note of earthy and spicy cedarwood is rounded off with warm and sweet notes of benzoin, amber and leather.

1 Million Royal
1 Million Royal

"Lady Million Royal" and "1 Million Royal" are presented in gold-coloured flacons with red accents, which embody the rebellious personality of the fragrances.

The "1 Million" fragrance is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles, "Lady Million Royal" in 30 ml, 50 ml and 80 ml bottles.

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