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15 days ago - 24.05.2023
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Solstice: The New Limited Sweet-Aquatic Fragrance Novelty by Andrea Maack

"Solstice": The New Limited Sweet-Aquatic Fragrance Novelty by Andrea Maack

With "Solstice", the Icelandic luxury brand introduces a new limited edition Extrait de Parfum, creatively collaborated with perfumer Julien Raskiné.

A luxurious extract Solstice is a fresh and invigorating fragrance that combines the juicy sweetness of watermelon with the fresh and refreshing notes of aqua.

Andrea Maack

Solstice (Andrea Maack)
Solstice (Andrea Maack)

Inspired by the nights of the Nordic summer, the unisex fragrance takes you into a world full of sweet and aquatic nuances. The fragrance journey begins with a refreshing top note of juicy watermelon and maritime notes. In the heart, the delicate essences of jasmine flowers, violets and lily of the valley unfold, before ambergris and Sinfonide® give the composition a sensual depth.

Solstice (Andrea Maack)
Solstice (Andrea Maack)

The fragrance essence of "Solstice" is revealed in a distinctive black bottle whose shape pays homage to the obsidian fragments from the Icelandic highlands.

Andrea Maack
A native Icelander, Andrea Maack grew up in a vibrant community of creatives in Reykjavík and earned her bachelor's degree in fine arts in 2005. Since 2009, the artist has been running her own label of avant-garde fragrances based on her own drawings, ideas and exhibition concepts. Originally, her first three fragrances were not intended as everyday perfumes to wear, but as a medium for her artwork and an additional content dimension within her exhibitions.

Nowadays Andrea Maack is considered a luxury perfume brand that bridges the gap between fragrances and art. With her fragrance series, the artist aims to olfactorically express her travels, artistic discoveries and deep connection to her home island. Her perfumes are often described as unconventional, avant-garde and unique.

The new fragrance is available in a bottle size of 50 ml.

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