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TreschereTreschere 3 years ago
Dear MissG.,
thanks again for the really safe shipping to Germany as well as the perfume and the decants! I really do enjoy all of them! Best wishes, C.
KithoKitho 4 years ago
Hello :-)

thank you very much for the nice swap! It was perfect with you.. so fast and delicious extra samples :-))

See you next time.

LiisaLiisa 6 years ago
My warmest thanks for multi-swap!
I am so happy everything workef out perfectly in both ends.
I do wish to return someday, all the best till then!
EphedraEphedra 6 years ago
Dear MissGuerlain,
i thank you so much for the perfect swap too.
hoestly... iam absolutley in love with both of the fragrances and i thank you so much for the beautiful extras. I am really happy abut our deal and i'd love to swap with you again soon too. everything was just perfect.
please have a wonderful time!
kind regards & a big hug
FischlandmenFischlandmen 6 years ago
Thank you for the very, very fine Deal and fast delivery....

Habe a nice Weekend
With best regards , Frank
EtamherEtamher 6 years ago
the bottles arrived today - thank you for the swap and the smelling greatings too !
ExUserExUser 6 years ago
Thank you for the lovely swap!!! I was so delighted to get my hands on my nostalgia scent and the hard-to-find gem (and the extras made me smile too). Looking forward to swap with you in the future!
UngenauUngenau 6 years ago
Thank you so much for the wonderful fragrance! It was a pleasure to deal with you!
Hugs from Berlin:))
MsDutcheeMsDutchee 6 years ago
Thank you so much for this great deal. This Violette is simply gorgeous- Especial thanks for your patience with me
RosaviolaRosaviola 6 years ago
So much thanks for your nice words to my Absynthe-photo.
Have a nice Weekend!
RosaviolaRosaviola 7 years ago
Thank you for watching my perfume-photos! Have an nice day!
SmittySmitty 10 years ago
Halo MissGuerlain!

I love your Pictueres!!! It's so cool!

Lovely greetings from Poland and have fun here:D

MichaelMichael 10 years ago
Ich sage auch noch mal Hallo. :-)
Kitty17Kitty17 11 years ago
Hallo MissGuerlain,

liebe Grüße, scheinst ja auch ein echter Nagellackfan zu sein. ;-)

Hast Du auch eine Lacksammlung ?

LG Kitty17
WichapiWichapi 11 years ago
Heyyyyyyy Beautiful! I am so happy you're here! Let's get that nail polish thread started asap, okay? ;-)
GoldGold 11 years ago
Dear MissGuerlain, how nice to see you here!!! Looking forward to your contributions! "Gold"
SeatonicaSeatonica 11 years ago
Hi Miss G nice to see you here :)
Medusa00Medusa00 11 years ago
Da Dich noch Keiner begrüßt hat, möchte ich das jetzt nachhohlen und Dir viel Spaß wünschen.LG
Lola82Lola82 12 years ago
You got a Beautiful Collection

This is Sissi From Fragrantica
TraxTrax 12 years ago
Oi oi så herlig å se deg her! Det var da på tide he he ;) Tenkte akkurat på deg for jeg så noe som minnet meg om deg i dag, skal sende melding. Kos deg masse her, kjære du! Stooor kram fra Bella :)
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