Msense: His Quest for Good Scents
21 days ago - 08.02.2024

My hopes are bolstered!

I received a bottle of Bentley for Men in the mail today, the original version. I’ve been wearing the Bentley for Men Intense version for a couple of months and As much as I’ve enjoyed it, I like the Original even more. Is it perfect?… Not quite. It is mildly musky and undoubtedly masculine. It is my new favorite modern scent for men. It received the official approval of the highest scent court in the Kingdom… my wife and daughters. I’ve found their rulings more valuable than Calvin Klein’s, Tom Fords, Lord De Marly’s, and Duke Lauren’s all combined. Hear me my fellow seekers of the forsaken righteousness of correctly aligned scentificational truth. Please don’t buy this one. It’ll make the price go up. Hahahaha! Just kidding Brothers! Buy by all means. It’s the real deal.