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Elegance in a bottle
Floral with an astringency.
Makes me think of hyacinth or tuberose or some other bulb flower but with no grassy element that would clarify or sharpen the scent.

It is spicy and rich or deep with the background of astringency (from the aldehydes?). But I wouldn’t describe it as heavy, the astringency adds the depth and lifts the scent.

Combine a touch of dustiness like a dandelion tickling your nose.

Picture a woman wearing a rich brocade gown, lingering in a walled English garden with the scent of night blooming flowers in the air.

That’s what I experience with Fi-Fi.
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NSku 11 years ago 3
transformative experience
Correction: this is my feedback on No.19 Poudré EDP -- which I just discovered has its own page.

Initially was somewhat reminiscent of Rive Gauche, however only picking up two voices, the sharp astringent underneath a creamy lily or tuberose scent

40 min later, develops into a delicate, but multivoiced scent. Made me think of delicate blossoming white flowers, very translucent. It has become a delicate and sweeter scent with a hint of the sharpness to prevent it from becoming cloyingly sweet -- retaining a piquancy. Making me think of bone china or fine thin porcelain tea cups, a young woman blossoming under the kisses of her lover; breathless, suspended quality of a ballerina with alabaster skin.

2.5 hrs later: more delicate, still the same tones but creamier.

6 hrs later delicate dry but also creamy at the same time.

This perfume made me feel young, beautiful and elegant, the way I felt when I was a ballet dancer.
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NSku 11 years ago 6
powerful athletic elegance
This is a review of the pre- 1990 formulation:
Overall impression: To me this is an austere, "severe Parisienne” perfume. (Yesterday's Perfume blog really captures this aspect of the perfume.) Not girlish or feminine but powerful, athletic elegance. Definitely a masculine-for-women scent.

Initial impression:
very sharp, astringent, sticks to the nose, like intense witch hazel, physical effect like rubbing alcohol or VOCs (benzene), acetic but I can’t smell any citrus like orange or lemon or lime just intense witch hazel. Makes my nostrils tickle and slight headache over the brow.

1 hr later
still the sharpness but starting to see some of the floral, still its dominated by the sharp astringent undercurrent.

I disagree with those saying it has a powdery soap quality, but agree with those mentioning a smooth and creamy aroma that comes in and out around the sharp astringent undercurrent.
Not getting anything woodsy or flowery. just astringency and creaminess.

2 Hrs later
getting the leather, but its a cold and sweet leather rather than a warm dry leather along with the astringency and creaminess. Okay, easter lillies and leather.

4 Hrs later
Definitely leather, but the astringency keeps it in a somewhat different room, like not so discernibly leather. I compared it to my caramel colored Italian leather boots Some described it as woodsy, floral and sexy. I don’t get any of that. I get Italian leather boots and soft leather gloves, with a beautiful richly colored silk scarf and gold jewelry. Makes me think of a wood panelled library in the mansion of an equestrienne. If there’s any sense of soap, it’s definitely not “old school soap” but saddle soap -- or bees wax leather polish.

6 Hrs later: down to a gentle easter lilly plus touch astringent smell.

I’ve never really liked it for all that I’ve had multiple bottles of it and wore it quite a lot through the 80s, and up to now. It had this strange persistent intensity and austerity that was somehow discordant or jarring for me. But now that I understand the history of the scent and am better educated about it, it makes sense and its no longer a jarring experience. Weird. And I don’t think its just the power of suggestion, because I rejected many people’s characterizations of this fragrance while finding agreement with others.
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NSku 11 years ago 4
First Impressions and Day 2
This perfume makes me think of the drink orange julius that was all the rage when I was a teenager. I get more of a food scent rather than a botanical scent from this perfume. And I completely don't get any Middle Eastern or Oriental aspects. I would expect an Oriental or Middle Eastern quality to be more spicy or aromatic.

Day 2:
what lingers on my wrists on day two is rather different from yesterday's experience. The scent places me in the hills above Los Gatos, CA, wandering through grassy oak glades the sun sparkling, pouring down on everything. Wow!! Makes me homesick for the hills of the Bay Area!
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NSku 11 years ago 3 1
I smelled this perfume at a Zurich department store. The sales clerk kept saying: yes its sexy, a sexy fragrance. "Sexy" was not the word I would have used to describe it.

I didn't care for the flat face-powder smell. But I'd be interested to hear what others think.
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