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1 year ago - 03.10.2022

“Ferveur” - New Perfume From Le Galion as a Tribute to Perfumer Paul Vacher

French fragrance label Le Galion releases "Freveur", created as a tribute to perfumer Paul Vacher.

The latest work of Le Galion is the fragrance that Paul Vacher, known for important perfumes such as "Miss Dior" and "Arpège", would probably have created if he had lived the 80s and known those years of excess and intoxication. The nose behind the fragrance is Rodrigo Florès-Roux, who has already created several perfumes for the brand.

"Ferveur" expresses the loyalty, love and passion of the legendary perfume creator, whose life was entirely dedicated to fragrances. A generous olfactory intoxication that invites admiration and dedication. Behind the almost sacral undertones of its name - the formula is particularly rich in incense - "Ferveur" is also a devilishly sensual fragrance. As imposing as a cathedral, but as sensual as an evening at the Palace nightclub in Paris. Its fresh and aromatic opening soon mixes with the boisterous exuberance of amber. It is about the meeting of mind and body, their timid touch, their mutual exploration, their intoxication and their passionate union.

Fragrance Notes
Green bergamot, clary sage, myrtle, cypress
Iris, rose, coriander, cinnamon leaf
Vanilla, styrax, Tolu balsam, patchouli, vetiver, incense, leather

The perfume is available in a bottle size of 100 ml.

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