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9 years ago - 25.03.2015
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The Unbearable Action of Wanting

Human nature is such that we are never satisfied with what we have for long. As soon as you think “I’ve found my signature scent,” another beauty comes along and sweeps you off your feet.

Dior’s Privee Collection, much like Armani Prive and Chanel Les Exclusifs, is a high end set of beautiful perfumes that are more refined than the typical Miss Cherie and J’Adore you find at the mall. Like most such collections, the scents themselves are much more complex and expensive than Dior’s regular offerings.

The problem is that there are several wonderful compositions that begin to tug at a perfume lover’s heart. My favorite by far is Oud Ispahan: a mixture of skanky oud and rose. It is superbly blended and though it is part of the overdone oud/rose theme, still elicits nothing but sighs as it wafts. image

I love the name too: it is referring to the Iranian city of Isfahan, a place of great beauty. Oud Ispahan is a true oriental rose, deep yet dynamic. The lasting power is superb and the sillage beyond belief. This is a very recommended perfume.

But other mesmerizing scents capture the imagination as well: the now discontinued Mitzah is a blend of frankincense and spice. Ambre Nuit is similar to Oud Ispahan but has less rose and more amber.

The mini bottle replicas that Dior offers are super cute. I wish pricey lines like the ones mentioned above would cater to the customer who wants it all: instead of charging $300 for a huge 8 oz bottle of perfume, create a coffret with all the perfumes in tiny sizes. I bet this would please everyone and allow people to sell or gift the bottles they don’t necessarily like while keeping their favorites.

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