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Updating perfumer copy

Updating perfumer copy 2 months ago

hi parfumo research team, question:

perfumes have a page in which the research tab is present and a user may submit an edit that can be proposed/submitted—but what about the copy for a perfumer? let's say there's a misspelling and/or the copy hasn't been updated for some time, and there are new fragrances of note to add to the list of titles he/she are known for. where can one submit an edit? i'm unable to see an edit or research button anywhere.

forgive me if this has already been answered but I did use the search forum button to see if this has been discussed

thank you 😀


PS - because I've already got in trouble once for assuming something that was then lost in translation (lol) the journalism expression copy refers to any written material concerning a particular topic. just making sure i'm not confusing anyone (i.e. the bio, the "interesting facts" section)

1 month ago

Corrections on perfumers need to be submitted to the admin team right away, this is something that can only be altered by the admins.

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