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How many discontinued perfumes do you own?

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11 years ago
About 50% at least. I'm new to here so I haven't listed many yet.
11 years ago
About 50% at least. I'm new to here so I haven't listed many yet.

Hello and welcome! Very Happy
11 years ago
Truthfully, almost all that we currently purchase will soon be discontinued ( with the exception of a few ). That seems to be the trend these days. Release and discontinue.......
11 years ago
Quite a lot surprised me as still being in production. Mystere by Rochas for instance. It is available but is discontinued.
11 years ago
0, I avoid them.
10 years ago
At least 50% of mine are discontinued. I have yet to post all of mine. I've just joined and I'm trying to add my collection. I prefer the vintages to the new, however.
10 years ago
Four, sort of...

1) Bvlgari Omnia (discontinued)
2) L'Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two (discontinued)
3) L'Occitane en Provence Eau d'Iparie (not available in the U.S. where I'm from, still in production in France though)
4) Parfums de Nicolaï Le Temps d'une Fête (either discontinued or going into a more limited distribution, depending on where on the Internet I look)

I don't really go looking for discontinued scents on purpose. Omnia and Le Temps d'Une Fête I already had bottles of and then heard the news, Tea for Two I got shortly after it was discontinued, and Eau d'Iparie I bought in France after I sampled it there and liked it.
10 years ago
I started thinking about this over the summer - and got a little worried about a couple of them because I really love them. Here are my discontinueds:

Nina Ricci, Liberty Fizz (i bought back-ups!)

Boucheron's Trouble (more back-ups)

Dior's Poison Tendre

The Body Shop Midnight Bakula

Avon Earth

Avon Extraordinary

Guerlain's Terracotta Voile de Ete

I heard Badgley Mischka/Badgley M was discontinued

Also heard Bvlgari Black discontinued

And I heard that Nicolai discontinued Le Temps de un Fete (not positive on that one though)
10 years ago
10 years ago
9 of 30...although, Parfumo-database claims "Skai" and "Tea for two" to still be produced.
Of "Dior Addict (2002)" I´ve bought a bit of back-up, and will buy some more if I find with acceptable price.
Same goes for "Tea for Two", but right now it does notr seem so realistic...
Anyway, after the reformulation of Addict I decided to test some more vanilla-perumes and came across "Felanilla No.21" which is my big time favourite right now, so it broght some good with it as well. Smile
Still, with "Nu", "Addict" and "Le Baiser du Dragon" I will automatically be more selective of when to use them, as I just might not get them anymore...But I do wear them too, the worst thing would be, if I´d never wear them anymore in fear of running out, and then one day would simply discover that my oh-so-precious-perfume has gone bad...One has to be able to let go, be it objects or persons.
( and a good perfume can feel very much like person, a good "friend" who´s been with you for many years, so I do understand the grieving of a beloved perfume )
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