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Regulations for perfume on airplane?

Regulations for perfume on airplane? 10 years ago
So I'll be traveling in a few months. I haven't traveled by plane in years. Obviously I'll need to bring perfume with me. I've googled the rules. I don't want anything tossed at the airport. Would it be best to bring rollerballs of what I want? Or little sprayers that you can fill yourself?

And if I manage to purchase anything at my destination, can I bring it back on the plane with me?

Also, what type of perfumes do they sell on the plane/airports? Huge mark-ups? Because obviously if I purchase something there, I can bring that on the plane, correct?

I'm having panic attacks already....

Thanks for the advice.
10 years ago
Hi Sorceress! You can either bring rollerballs or little sprayers, so long as they fit in the quart size baggie in your carry-on luggage.

As far as check-in baggage goes, I don't think there is a limit as long as you are flying domestic. If you are going international, I am not sure what the limits are but I imagine it might vary from area to area...? I am assuming this trip is international. I wouldn't risk bringing full bottles over with you. You'll see why in a little bit.

I don't know what kind of perfumes are sold on the plane, but there are duty-free shops in the airport that sell perfume. You have to show your passport and ticket to prove that you are flying out of the country. I don't find the markups to be huge internationally--of course, you have to take into account exchange rate of your currency or if you use a credit card, the exchange rate through your credit card company. The stock varies, but I have seen designer fragrances mostly--Burberry, Elizabeth Arden, Hugo Boss, Nina Ricci, Givenchy, etc.

If you do make a purchase, they put the perfume in a special clear bag that is to remain sealed during your flight. So really, I would recommend buying perfumes on your way back home so that you can carry them with you on the plane instead of having them sitting in your checked-in luggage, wondering what is going on with them. One time I had checked-in baggage for a domestic flight with two new perfumes, and somebody stole them. Sad Thankfully I reported it and I was reimbursed by the airline because I had receipts. When you arrive, you are supposed to declare the cost of the items you brought over with you. I think you get taxed if you purchased a certain amount (like $600 or's been 3 years since I flew overseas so maybe the rules have changed).

I hope this helps some! Where are you going, if I may ask?
10 years ago
You can take FB of perfumes on international flights. I ended up with six in my suitcase. Nobody asked me about perfumes. With you, in the handbag a rollerball or a small glass decant works. No questions asked. I am talking a recent flight, this January to and back from France.
10 years ago
Sorceress, do not buy perfumes on the plane. Check the duty free in the airport. Not a rich selection. Prices are high. Do not forget to ask for the reimbursement of the TVA for one or two perfumes. If you buy several, buy them at different times so that you have the TVA for two on a receipt. It is not a significant amount and sometimes it is better not to ask for the it. It is also safe to take them out of the box.
10 years ago
You should be able to carry your perfumes in checked luggage. Mr Triffid had no trouble with several full bottles on a recent overseas trip.
There is a limit to the size/volume of cosmetic product containers you can transport in your carry-on (ie the luggage that will be in the cabin with you) - 100ml I believe. They will even confiscate half-full tubes of toothpaste or shampoo if the container volume exceeds 100ml, regardless of how much product is in there. Perfume is flammable and classed as 'dangerous goods' so I'd check the regulations online with your local customs/aviation authority/airline to be sure.
With the advent of online discounters, duty free may not be as much of a saving as it used to be. Make sure you know the prices before you go. Perfume is heavily taxed here in Australia and quite expensive but I can still get better deals with local or international online perfumeries than local duty free shops.
10 years ago
Thank you all for the information! The reason I had asked about buying in the shops or on the plane was to see if that was an option, also. Or if when I was at my destination I had found a perfume (or two...) that I liked and purchased and wanted to return home with it.
It's really just a short domestic trip. Boarding my pets will be a huge expense for me as it is and that factors in.
But I won't travel without perfume at all. I'd feel naked...
10 years ago
Have a safe trip, my dear friend!
Let us know what goodies you brought back.
10 years ago
Thank you Tessa! The trip's not for a bit, but I wanted to prepare myself. I'll let you all know what I bring back. I'm hoping I do find something!
10 years ago
Hi, I would just take a couple of small spray decants of my favorites. What is offered on the plane, or in the duty free shops is mostly mainstream and not even that good a deal.

But to bring something back from the point of vacation ... that will have memory value.

Here, too, when you plan to shop, don't expect great things, unless you research the area before with Google of good shops, and then print a map where you really want to go and shop.

It would be a thrill to discover that hidden drug store with those specials ... but the way vacations usually go, there is so much to do with logistics that may not happen. Rather concentrate on a great boutique store and shop some niche perfumes, costly but good.

Have fun.
10 years ago
Ahh, so it's a domestic trip. Sorry for rambling on and on then.

I agree with Pipette; try and find one spot to shop and find a little something special.

I don't think you can buy duty-free fragrances unless you're going in or out of the country...right? At least that's how it is at O'Hare.
10 years ago
Ahh, so it's a domestic trip. Sorry for rambling on and on then.

I agree with Pipette; try and find one spot to shop and find a little something special.

I don't think you can buy duty-free fragrances unless you're going in or out of the country...right? At least that's how it is at O'Hare.

Nothing to apologize about, Hayven! It's a wedding I'm going to. I'd much rather drive and see the country, but again, my pets. Then again, I have a friend where the wedding is actually being held, so she can tell me about all the shops I'd like to know about.
Pipette, my friend will know where to go, be it little thrift shops, specialty shops, or what-ever. And you're right, bringing something back from the trip will be special.
The trip is to Houston. I've been there before. And I'm sure I'll find something there.
So if I bring my little sprays like the sprays Sephora makes up in the little plastic 5 ml bottles,and place it in the bags, that's ok? I'm such a newbie at this, but I truly don't want to lose any perfume or have it confiscated and thrown away at that point.
10 years ago
Now this is what happened to me from Florida-New York Delta flight years ago. Of course, they found the small decants with their scanner in my carry on bag, on the belt, through the machine.

They asked me to step aside. I explained. The nice lady looked at each and every one, and simply repackaged them in their plastic bag.

I thanked her profusely.

I don't know how they handle domestic things today.
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