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Good-smelling cheapies are hard to find

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10 years ago
"Far Away" is ridiculously cheap, especially if you purchase it on sale. It lasts for hours on end, a little goes a very long way. This is a sultry perfume, a very heavy oriental full of spices, coconut, gardenia and musk.

+1 Still available in catalogs and can be found super cheap on ebay..
10 years ago
Last year I bought a 7.5ml pure parfum of the discontinued Versace "Blonde", exquisitely and ornately boxed, from my local online discounter for about $40. They still have this in stock. It was a blind buy and unfortunately made me realise I very much dislike tuberose soliflores. Gave it away to my sister. Nevertheless, a good buy for fans of this style and in parfum concentration.

I very nearly did the same and think that the outcome would have been the same. I bought the tiny bottle of "Vivid' Liz Claiborne for parking money and found it too retro. I bought the solid perfume of Fracas in a little 2gram compact and had a win with that one; it's lovely and delicate in that form, but I wouldn't wear the perfume when I have Songes anyway.
Watching your prowess with the "Guess that Scent' and in awe of your skills. Cheers my dear
9 years ago
I'm a big fan of Jesus Del Pozo I have:
Halloween Fever (I was sent this by accident by an online retailer when I ordered Halloween and they told me to keep it and sent me the correct perfume as well - total win!)
In Black
In White - very reminiscent of Pure Poison

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is great for unusual perfumes and they are only US$17 for an 8ml bottle of perfume oil that last forever.

Ted Ladipus's White Soul can be picked up for a steal, I particularly like this one.

Salvatore Ferragamo is another very reasonably priced designer. Have to say that not all of his perfumes have great lasting power but my favourite is Incanto.

Franck Olivier's Franck Olivier is a gorgeous summery fruity perfume that can be picked up for next to nothing.
9 years ago
Dark Matter mentions the fabulous In Black by Jesus Del Pozo. Yes! and its counterpart, In White has a following too. I don't know the others but this is a line that offers bang for the buck
sweet cheaps 9 years ago 1
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is a worthy replacement for L'Occitane The Vert. It also lasts much longer than all the Bvulgari Tea Scents (ie longer than fifteen minutes).

Yardley's April Violet is a gorgeous, true, violet scent with an embarrassingly low price tag.

Jean-Charles Brosseau's Violette+Menthe is a slightly less cheap but lovely, uplifting, violet scent.

Yardley's Royal English Daisy is difficult to pick from Marc Jacob's very much more expensive Daisy.

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling to me is a dead ringer for the much more expensive Marc Jacobs Dot.

I've been trying some of the Molinard soliflores and they seem to offer a better alternative to the hefty priced and prettily marketed Jo Malone range.
9 years ago
Of course, I forgot to mention Al-Rehab! Their attars are so cheap and last an amazingly long time. The ones I've tried have been long lasting with excellent sillage. My most recent purchase is "Aseel" which is amazingly similar to "Red Aoud" by Montale, and it was only £2.75 including postage (approx €3.34 or US$4.62) for a 6ml roll on concentrated perfume oil which will last me forever!
9 years ago
Well I really like the smell of "Brut" aftershave. So I'm looking forward to trying the cologne or EDT Smile
Three favourite cheapies 9 years ago
Ivoire (new) Balmain, Couture by Loris Azzaro, Cabaret by Gres
9 years ago
Berdoues, when it's around, is often extremely cheap at the discounters. I got a big bottle of this great stuff for $15 US, I think.

Same is true of the Gandini scents - and Sherapop is a big fan.

Estee Lauder has done a great job of keeping some of its well-loved ones around for decades with little or no reformulation, and quite inexpensively. My guess is that, if you put a bit of Cinnabar or Aliage under the nose of some blindfolded niche-only folks, they'd quite like them!

Some of the Yves Rochers are amazingly cheap and very good. Neonatura Cocoon is a lovely cocoa/patchouli that was a bargain for those who liked such scents as Lutens' Borneo. It can also be hard to find genuine orange scents anywhere, but their limited edition Fruits de Noel Orange et Amande was one. It now is demanding exorbitant prices on eBay.
9 years ago
I really like Jeanne Arthes Boum Sa Pomme d'Amour. It costs $11 on ebay and smells like vanilla and red apples. If it was not for the poor lasting power, I would buy it often and use it a lot.
9 years ago
Best cheapies I know are Cologne de Missions, which is somewhat similar to Spiritueuse Double Vanille, only a fraction of the price.

The Body Shop has some really lovely perfumes: Red Musk is truly gorgeous, especially in the oil. White Musk Libertine is a delectable sweet and powdery scent. Shea is sweet and nutty, Honeymania is a soft floral honey perfume. Also, their "fragrances of the world" line has some outstanding fumes like: Atlas Mountain Rose (beats the Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose by far), Amazonian Wild Lily is a gorgeous tropical lily scent and Madagascan Vanilla Flower is a soft floral vanilla very similar of the sadly discontinued Eau Des Vanilliers from l'Occitane.

Which brings me to l'Occitane, another producer of beautiful and affordable perfumes: Eau des Baux and the new Arlesienne are really lovely.

L'Erbolario has some great cheapies as well, and are very easy to find in Italy. Dolcelisir, Meharees, Ibisco, Iris and Assenzio are my favourites.

Also, if you run into a LIDL please have a look at Suddenly Madame Glamour. Such a pretty and easier to like Coco Mademoiselle.

For fresh cologne scents I'd love to visit the French supermarkets when I'm there on holiday. Their Bien Etre colognes are so wonderful. I especially love the Cologne des Familles.

Another beauty which isn't that expensive is Courtesan by Worth. If you love Givenchy's Organza Indecence or Fendi Theorema this one is worth looking for.
9 years ago
I've discovered wonderful inexpensive perfumes while browsing the discounters. Some are the leftover stock of discontinued scents. I don't think I paid more than $15 for most of them, often less. Some were as high as $30. My favorites:

1) Tea Rose (and all its variations)
2) Ciara
3) Colors by Benneton
4) Chloe for Women
5) Coty L'Origan
6) Ellen Tracy (2000)
7) Gabriela Sabatini
8 ) Amethyst by Lalique (though I see it's back in production and the price upped)
9) Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt
10 Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson
11) Musk for Women by Jovan
12) Flower by Kenzo
13) Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld
14) Essence by Narcisso Rodriquez
15) La Nuit by Paco Rabanne
16) Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne
17) Most Bijans
18 ) Most Salvador Dalis
19) Most by Ted Lapidus
20) 1881 Cerruti Women
9 years ago
Randomly I began searching for the other recommendations here and found 1902 Cardamom Vegetalis (first encounter with (Berdoues), Ambre Gris, Incanto, Ivoire Balmain, and Cabochard. The latter almost made me pass out, it's so beautiful. Bottom line, every one of these is just gorgeous. Parfumo rocks!
Re: A nice little shop 9 years ago
I am not affiliated with SMALLFLOWERS but have shopped there. Especially about the VANILLE Eau de Toilette I have heard good comments.

There are quite a few (German) goodies in that shop. (Like "Badedas" gel and soap "FA".)

Thank you Pipette! I bookmarked this. Thanks to you, I may have found a new favorite shop.

Good cheapies...
Coty Emeraude: I love Shalimar and it only makes logical sense that I'd love this one. It's a little more lemony and not as long lasting but it's a satisfying scent nevertheless.
Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights: it's a satisfying patchouli and the papyrus keeps things interesting.
Al-Rehab: I really love these little rollerball scents. They're strong, long lasting, and very affordable at $4. Even when they are a bust it's not much of a loss.
Perfumes by Terri: I was recently introduced to this line by a group of gourmand-loving perfume enthusiasts. These are gourmand scents created by a gourmand lover. Terri is exceedingly kind and she puts a lot of talent and passion into every bottle. One spray is all I need for a beautiful scent that lasts all day. My personal favorite is Sucre et Fleurs.
9 years ago
Or Masculin

Masculin 2 Vétyver

Masculin 2

Masculin 2 Black Instant

Sh*tty cheap bottles, but its content is good, very good - each one of them has its own character, they are very comfortable and pleasant for everyday use;

Discontinued but are still widely available here and there.

Noble Vetiver

Noble Cedar

... the same here. (except the bottles) Smile
9 years ago
@ WolfM : Nice suggestions! But how many hours of longevity do you get from Noble Cedar?
9 years ago
Over six hours - with high density and intensity, the base notes are there with a strong presence after 8 hours and more.
Actually, it is too loud to me - two sprays max... any dose above and turns this density into unbearable, and longevity - annoying.
French supermarket cheapies 9 years ago
On the subject of cheap fumes, how low do you want to go?
After several arduous forays along the guy's aisle, these are my picks from French supermarkets and drugstores.

Ouragan by Bourgeois - a Mandarin and citrus depart which reveals a geranium and patchouli heart based on sandal accord and vanilla. Quite sweet but not bad, good for the summer.

Ambrée Authentique from Mont St Michel - Ambery eau de cologne, a little bit metallic in overtone and poor longevity. Probably better as the soap.

Bien Être colognes - there is whole range of these to try out, you can just unscrew the cap and take a dab on your finger. The regular and bourgeons de cassis (blackcurrant bud) are refreshing and short lived splashes.

Savane apres rasage de Williams - a traditional style aromatic lavender fougère. A bit crude and not long lasting but pleasant enough without any off notes, and at €6 for 100ml you can lash it on!
9 years ago
There are so many great cheapies out there:

Jovan: Island Gardenia, White Musk

Elizabeth Taylor: All of her scents are great quality notably: Diamonds and Emeralds and Passion

Ellen Tracy: I love Ellen Tracy and Bronze

I still have a soft spot for Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers and PM Windsong too. There really are too many to list. Smile

Edit: And how could I forget my beloved Borsari Violetta di Parma!
8 years ago
+ "Rose of Bulgaria for Men"
Everyone would say: "no way so inexpensive to be a good one", i know, I know! - (here in Bulgaria it costs 6 euros)
Razz Yeah, we have pretty much roses here Smile
And it will be in a mistake.
I was in skeptical frame of mind, even cynical, I would say. But only before you give it a try.
I can not describe it better than Coutureguru did it in his excellent review, and there is no point even trying.
I'll just say "not everything is money, friends, at least on Beauty" - Worth it more than the price presupposes.
8 years ago
Nice. I'll have to ask CoutureGuru where he ordered it, since I can't figure that out...
8 years ago
+ "Rose of Bulgaria for Men"
Everyone would say: "no way so inexpensive to be a good one", i know, I know! - (here in Bulgaria it costs 6 euros)
Razz Yeah, we have pretty much roses here Smile
And it will be in a mistake.
I was in skeptical frame of mind, even cynical, I would say. But only before you give it a try.
I can not describe it better than Coutureguru did it in his excellent review, and there is no point even trying.
I'll just say "not everything is money, friends, at least on Beauty" - Worth it more than the price presupposes.

I will definitely seek this one out! thank you for putting it on my radar.
8 years ago
I'm curious about Grey Flannel , so cheap and so many good reviews! I should get it !
My favourite chippie is L'aimant de Coty. Bought 15 € on ebay and it is one of my favourite bed scents. People on fragantica compares it to chanel n5. I don't agree on this , it's certainly very aldehydic at the begining but it has nothing to do and I prefer L'aimant Wink . Longevity is moderate but it is worth the price.
By the way I don't see either the resemblance of Cologne the Missions with Spiritueuse Double Vanille.... Cologne on my skin it's too synthetic.
Another amazing chippie is L'eau des Baux. Based on Tonka and Vanilla it is not too sweet and as some people compares it with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.....well I just say I can't stand TV (headache) and I find this one a great blend !!
8 years ago
Got myself a bottle of 100% Ciara the other day and am currently waiting for a 15EUR bottle of 40ml John Galliano.....which I think is a pretty good bargain, new and unboxed.
8 years ago
I've been on a Lolita Lempicka kick lately. I've found most of my bottles for $25-$35 USD.
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