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2015 Releases

2015 Releases 9 years ago
Can't believe 184 fragrances have already been released in 2015 per our database. Is anyone game for trying to get our hands on samples and report back to this topic to be sure we don't miss anything potentially amazing? I'll start by trying to find these six. Does anyone already have them who can report?

Quatre by Boucheron
Si by Giorgio Armani
Aqva Divina by Bvlgari
Dolce Floral Drops by Docle & Gabbana
Jasmin by Flagonard
La Nuit Tresor by Lancome
9 years ago
I have access to Si- tried it yesterday, not ready to comment was overwhelming. Will soldier on and get a sample to share with group soon!
9 years ago
Thanks! Looking forward.

I have access to Si- tried it yesterday, not ready to comment was overwhelming. Will soldier on and get a sample to share with group soon!
9 years ago
"La Religieuse" by Serge Lutens sounds nice, who tried it already?
Re: 2015 Releases 9 years ago
Aqva Divina by Bvlgari

I can hopefully report something about that one soon. It sounds so interesting. Contrasts, wonder how salt, quince and beeswax will work. Fingers crossed I'm truly getting the sample Wink

But in general I think the releases are already overblown. It's February and we have already 352 releases this year and it doesn't stop (already plenty new ones in the queue). That's what I call to oversaturate the market. Wink And rarely something interesting for me.

But I have to admit some sound wonderful.

Tested*/Will test:
"Living Lalique"*
"Les Délices de Nina"*
"Aqva Divina"*
"La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Petales (Eau Fraiche)"*

probably the legere Panthere too, although I still need to test the original.
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9 years ago
352, Franfan? Incredible. Most will obviously fall by the wayside. Wonder how they make any money. Looking forward to find a day to spend at the perfume counters, sampling some of them though!
9 years ago
Sure, plus there are of course some new brands that have to establish first as well as nonames and independent that cover a smaller range of customers. But with 2014 ending with 2773 perfumes, it's really more like a bulimic consuming. Out, smell, buy or not, forget, shelved.

I mean of course this all natural and just a current development of the market and I too, buy new releases that I collect or find pretty/good smelling. But rarely do I buy a second bottle.
On the other hand I'm not that interested in the older stuff as well, but that's just me Smile
Trying to find the gems in "my own personal scent generation/favored category" and cherish them as long as they are available Very Happy (And I don't like to have what the masses have on top)
9 years ago
Hey Franfan, do you know when Hermès "Le Jardin de Monsieur Li" will be in stores?
9 years ago
Sorry, I don't know that.
The dutch source only reports about, but doesn't mention an exact in-store date.
Might take some time still as there isn't anything proper on the news shelves yet.
9 years ago
"La Religieuse" by Serge Lutens sounds nice, who tried it already?

Just got a sample. Couldn't picture what only civet, musk and frankincense would do. There must be other things in it, though, because it's a beauty. Checking the SL's Jasmine, but this isn't a loud one. It's a soft fragrance that on my skin quickly vanishes. After a while what floats up is just faint Jasmine and Musk, though Civet's prominent (agreeably) in the top. After a longer while Frankincense appears with a little Civet. Put on enough and I think this fragrance works. I find it interesting.
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9 years ago
Thanks for the break down ScentFan. It's sounds wonderful
9 years ago
Just posted a review of another 2015 release: Misia by Chanel . To this nose, it's a retro retro delight.

Thanks, Briarthorn.
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9 years ago
After testing all scents I wanted so far, nothing stood out or made an impression on me. Either boring or a let down. Confused

Wish I could say more, but it's not to be mentioned somehow. Well, still some months to come Very Happy
9 years ago
...Wish I could say more, but it's not to be mentioned somehow. ...

Now I'm curious. Not mention what? Why?
9 years ago
They don't have anything that stands out about them.
Generic, indifferent fragrances that make it hard to describe anything in detail.

Delices de Nina... forgettable (as all Ninas), sprayed on, smelled citrusy, poof
Aqva Divina... expected something interesting >- generic amber oriental soup, danger of headache
LPRNMRP >- didn't know the others before, smells like airfreshener, but is consistent with the other LPRNs (Edt, Couture), just unpleasant.
Living Lalique... was ok, the first Lalique I liked, but it's not like you'd be wow'd about it.
Watermelons... Pure watermelon scent seems to be hard to create. It smells of it in the first few minutes, then turns into some aquatic fresh scent that's just boring.

compared with the prices, just let downs.
9 years ago
Thanks, Franfan. Very helpful to have thoughts from those who've been at this longer. Did you like the original Amethyst by Lalique?
9 years ago
No, I have a real problem with supposed "berry" scents it seems. Amethyst smelled horribly synthetic. Berries and Cherries usually turn out plastic on me Confused

But Satine was no exception either, Lalique just isn't for me it seems Laughing
9 years ago
Thanks, Franfan. Sense of smell seems as individual as the sense of taste. Makes me wonder what bestselling perfumes have in common that so many like.

Just got in a sample of the Si EdT out this year. It's not a wow for me either though it's pleasant enough. Posting a review later.
9 years ago
yes, me neither. I back out of these sort of fragrances right away. either i'm not interested in general or they just don't smell good to me. regardless if the majority likes them. for example Bonbon by V&R smells just yuck. Or Si... I hate it because of this overly fruity-oriental cassis smell.

But I don't think I'm influenced much by others. I'm testing Toy by Moschino now and having read so many bad things about Moschino I'm glad it's not that bad. It's a simple lavender cologne for sure, but not terrible. But yes, the marketing here is all. Never would buy it.
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