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Trip down memory lane : Perfumes you loved as a teen

Trip down memory lane : Perfumes you loved as a teen 12 years ago
Hi Everyone

At which age did you start seriously wearing perfume and which ones were your first perfume loves ?

I started out with "Obsession" at the age of 15, followed by Poison, Loulou, Coco and Joop! Berlin. And Casmir (at that time really nice especially in the extrait version). And Giorgio Beverly Hills. And Samsara.

Today, for me only Coco, Samsara and Loulou have remained, they are relicts of an era long gone but always great for nostalgic moments.
12 years ago
Fun topic!

I wouldn't say I was serious about it, but I started wearing perfume when I was in middle school (age 13 or so) in the early seventies. I wore the typical teeny bopper scents of the era: Love's Baby Soft, Love's Fresh Lemon, Skinny Dip and a perfume called Green Apple.

On the far other side of the spectrum, as I began high school, I bought this set of hippie-influenced perfumed oils that I now know were from the Alyssa Ashley line called "Primitives Naturals." They were called "Civet", "Musk" and "Ambergris" and contained hefty doses of their namesake animalic notes. I understand they are rare cult favorites now. My little 14 year old self liked "Civet" the best Wink

I so wish I still had them.....
12 years ago
I first got "started" ( if you can call it that ) around 1980 with a gift of Pino Sylvestre.

I never was serious about the hobby until years later. Life was simply too busy and complicated, so the "time" simply wasn't right yet for me to delve into this.

Once I did however, it was almost like obsessive-compulsive disorder. lol....I recently stopped collecting and purposely downsized the wardrobe ( and am still doing so ). I mean what on earth could I possibly do with over 500 bottles of juice?

For years my passion was focused on classic masculine designers. Now, it's mostly niche under the "shared" banner.
12 years ago
My first fragrance was at 15 when I purchased Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene, I loved that scent. I moved on to several horrible fragrances from there, until in 1978, I purchased Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld. I enjoyed many other great designer fragrances after this. Too bad the original formulas don't exist today for many of them.

The only prize I own from the past is an original bottle of Lagerfeld. It's quite fun to wear from time to time because of the positive responses I get from people. It's always interesting to see the expression on peoples faces when you tell them you're wearing a 34 year old fragrance. I enjoy the pleasant memories of my late teen years Lagerfeld brings me.
12 years ago
In the early '70's, at around age 15, I discovered Old Spice deodorant stick - which led to Brut deodorant stick - which led to Brut aftershave - and then Brut itself - which led to my father's fragrances, including Givenchy Gentleman. And my first real girlfriend wore Clairol herbal essence shampoo - it smelled so amazing! My long-time high-school girlfriend wore Chanel no. 5, too (she was from the "rich" part of town!). My friends loved to borrow from my "cologne collection" - it was only a matter of time before I found more troublemaking fragrance fiends like all of you! Very Happy
12 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us Smile I am so sorry, I accidentally put this topic in women´s perfumes but actually wanted to post it under "unisex" or "miscellaneous".
Maybe one of the mod´s can re-locate this topic into the right category, please ?

@AromiErotici : You have about 500 bottles of perfume ? Smile Goodness gracious, that IS a lot Smile And I thought my collection is already too big (only 99 at present). I am always afraid my treasures go bad before I manage to use them up.
12 years ago
I started to use perfume in my early twens, and one of the first fragrances I bought was "Ex'cla-ma'tion". I also remember I bought two fragrances by The Bodyshop, "Roma"which has nothing to do with Laura Biagiotti, and "Dewberry". I still have the bottles.
12 years ago
As a teen a had a bottle of "Lou Lou". If I loved it? No idea, it was just a present.
I loved CK Escape, but it was not a lasting love. I dumped it after a while. I liked Arden Sunflowers (yeark).
The only scent I used to love and that I still (or once again) love is Chanel's "Égoïste".
12 years ago
When I was a young teenager of 13, my stepsister moved in with us. She wasn't getting along with her mother, and her father (my stepfather) was thrilled to have her under his roof again.

I wasn't thrilled to share my bedroom. I was resentful.

But when she arrived, and was unpacking and arranging her things in our bedroom, she pulled from her suitcase two tiny bottles of perfume. One was Germaine Monteil Royal Secret, and the other was Shiseido Zen.

She said to me, "I don't really use these any more, would you like to have them?"

I said yes, and took them into my hands, marveling at them.

When I splashed on some of the Royal Secret, my nose was not pleased. But when I sprayed the little bottle of Zen, I was transported. How could such beauty come from such a tiny little unassuming thing?

Ever since then, I have never been without a bottle of Zen. Today, I prefer the density and richness of the parfum, but it has been my signature fragrance for over thirty years now.

I wear many other fragrances, but I always return to Shiseido Zen.
12 years ago
Basicly I did'nt a lot of Perfumes when i was a teen but i wore
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Ck Obsession Red Door
And Revlon Charlie
12 years ago
For me It was Calvin Klein Escape, It was also my first fragrance buy. I also used JPG Le Male, It was truly great In Its day.
12 years ago
I went through what was three bottles (I think) of Pasha de Cartier when I was 12-16. Laughing
12 years ago
"Tribù" -- I still like the fragrance today, I think, but I haven't smelled it in ages
11 years ago
Throughout high school I used to wear such scents as My Sin, Chloe Narcisse, Chantilly, Red Giorgio, LouLou, Tresor, Magie Noire, Tabu, Ysatis, Bal a Versailles, Emeraude, Wild Musk, Ispahan, Volupte, Panthere, Coco, White Shoulders, Halston, Rumba, Nuit de Noel, and Oscar.

My carefree, youthful-self absolutely reveled in such complex and heavily-animalic concoctions. (Remember these were the vintage formulations at the time I wore them.)

My body chemistry and my tastes have evolved significantly through the years though. At this point in my life, an excess of indoles and/or bottom-heavy animalic bases rapidly descend into a sour, revolting miasma on me.

I prefer fresh florals and floral aquatics now.
11 years ago
I discovered perfume "for real" when I was 13, maybe 14 - around 1977.

My first was Maderas de Oriente by Myrurgia - the next one was Opium - then Anaïs Anaïs. Moved on to Poison, Rive Gauche, Magie Noire, and Lagerfeld Chloè.

All of these over the short span of years when they were released. I doused myself in them when on holiday in Spain in temperatures of 40C. Imagine that.

Rolling Eyes
11 years ago
I didn't have any perfume in our house as a teenager, how ever I would spray myself with perfume from a dispenser that was mounted to a wall in the ladies room at my favorite week-end hangout that served beer to minors. Naughty Naughty.

In the dispenser was Tabu, White Shoulders, My Sin and a couple of others that I can't recall right now. I'm old. Wink

I loved White Shoulders back then, well I still do. I have vintage I didn't have any perfume in our house as a teenager, how ever I would spray myself with perfume from a dispenser that was mounted to a wall in the ladies room at my favorite week-end hangout that served beer to minors. Naughty Naughty.

In the dispenser was Tabu, White Shoulders, My Sin and a couple of others that I can't recall right now. I'm old. Wink

I loved Evyan White Shoulders back then, well I still do.
10 years ago
Nº 4 by Jil Sander comes to my mind. I was about sixteen when I picked my very first fragrance. It had taken me weeks of sampling after school until I could make up my mind, choosing the aforementioned (somewhat late to the 80's style ..). Anyway, I still remember how gloriously grown up I felt when finally wearing my precious perfume. It stayed with me as signature scent for some ten years.

Perfume is the art that makes memories speak.
~ Francis Kurkdjian ~
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10 years ago
At age seven, I first smelled Shalimar on my mother's vanity. It was beautiful. I would sneak it every so often whenever I could. But she would also allow me to. She spoiled me. She also loved Chanel No. 5, but at an early age, as most of us, I didn't enjoy it. As a teen-ager, I turned my nose up at it.
An aunt always gifted me with Jean Nate back then also, I'd say from the age of 12 or so, back around the late '60's. I'd use it in the summertime as a refresher, but it wasn't a favorite scent. I'd smelled Shalimar as a young one, and the heavy oriental factor was stuck in my brain.
She also gave me Youth Dew and I'd occasionally wear it.
An Uncle always gave me Myrurgia Maja every year for my birthday beginning at an early age, too. I so loved that scent.
I was gifted other Chanels but at the time, did not like them.
The only three that I'd purchase as a teen, wear and enjoy for myself were Tabu, Jovan Musk Oil and any type of patchouli oil that I could find in a head shop.
Seems I've always favored the heavier perfumes.
10 years ago
I just loved Avon's Occur. Wore it all the time.

Also these:

Helena Rubenstein's Heaven Sent

Faberage's Tigress

As a gift, I received my first bottle of Shalimar in High School, also Chanel No. 5
Alyssa Ashley's Ambergris

Patchouli oil from the local head shop

Coty's L'Aimant

These are what I remember most.
10 years ago
Around age 14-15 2001-2005 (I'm a baby compared to the classic stuff you all wear...)

The Body Shop Oceanus and Gardenia oils

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea (Oooooold bottle/formula with the little nubbies near the neck of the bottle---it was both fresh and sweet) and Warm Vanilla Sugar (also in the old bottle/formula)

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction and Strawberries and Champagne
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