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Osmanthus - Subtle Note Par-Excellence

Osmanthus - Subtle Note Par-Excellence 6 years ago
My attention has been recently twoken by the idea of osmanthus in perfume. From what I can gather, and from my (very limited) experience of 'fumes broaching it as a note, it seems to be a ^subtle^ note par-excellence. Does it have an aroma similar to that of a freshly-opened packet of Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea? That seems to me to be the element that °osmanthusy° 'fumes have in common.

One of my earliest very-striking olfactory memories is that of opening a packet of loose-leaf Indian tea (not necessarily Ceylon Orange Pekoe) at my grandmother's house. The experience was so acute, it left the memory of the room I was in at the time and its details - lighting, etc - indelibly y-stampen on my memory. Also the amusement of my mother & grandmother: "... it's ^tea^! It's what we put in the pot when we have a cup of ^tea^!".

I thereafter thought tea was pretty cool! (& haven't stopped thinking it!)

Also - not wishing to open too many threads in a short space - when is ~iris~ actually ~orris~? I thought I had an accurate conception of an ~irisy~ 'fume - quite sharp & astringent & °sneezy° or °tickling of the respiratory tract° - and also a reasonably adequate conception of an ~orrisy~ one - more subtle, softer, gentler, creamy°. But I keep seeing, in notes-lists of 'fumes that I have lodged in my scheme as orrisy 'fumes, iris only, or at least primarily. I know sometimes ~orris~ gets roughly comprised under ~iris~, but I don't know for certain that I haven't just gotten it wrong. I don't have ready access to elementary perfumery substances, unfortunately.

Hey, pœps! look at this quote fræ

I think of osmanthus as the scent of happiness. It smells of warm, ripe apricots, good black tea (maybe a Ceylon, with its floral notes and natural sweetness) and soft leather.

You probably won't believe now that I've only just read that.
5 years ago
I have a perfume with osmanthus note in it (Salvador Dali) and I get your thought about tea smell. It smells like a black tea note in it.
5 years ago
Ooooooh, my favourite osmathus is Dragonboat by TRNP (Teone Reinthal). I have to stop myself from drinking it. Such glorious stuff.
Ah the perfect floral 4 years ago
I love osmanthus. I think there's not enough scents devoted to this unique and delicious note. I personally love it in combination with a sweeter ambery backbone and perhaps some orange/mandarin. If I were to create my own perfume, it would certainly feature osmanthus. How to describe it? I find it difficult to describe by analogy. It's just a very distinct floral note. I think it's very loud in L'Erbolario Osmanthus but also fairly harsh. The aforementioned Dali (La Belle et l'Ocelot?) is a good example but also benzoin dominant and a bit heavy. My favourite is NR For Her, where it is mixed with some warm amber and vanilla and in my opinion this is where osmanthus really shines. I think this perfume would be perfect if orange blossom was toned down as it distracts from the beautiful osmanthus making it more heady and maybe some tonka added. The thing is, osmanthus can be a bit pungent (there you have it, I actually described the smell), almost citrusy and warmer notes create a perfect balance for this gorgeous flower.
3 years ago

Ormonde Jayne - Osmanthus is definitely one you should check out.

2 years ago

You should definitely try Absolue d'Osmanthe by Perris Monte Carlo. I don't know how accurate it is because I don't really have much to compare it to, but I think it's a brilliant perfume, fruity, floral and with kind of a leathery quality, balance between juicy and dry. I am not good at describing and I don't know what part of this is Osmanthus and what is something else, but it's one of my favourites and I hope you get to try it Smile

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