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Negative fragrance associations

Negative fragrance associations 17 days ago 1

Are there any fragrances in you collection that you don't wear, because there's a horrible memory or association tied to it?

For me I can't wear/smell Loulou because it's a fragrance my birth mother wore, and it just brings back bad memories for me.

Which fragrances are like this for you?

17 days ago

I don't personally, but I think many people do. I know someone who will almost be ill if she encounters a fragrance with a realistic green tobacco note becausexof associations with a male relative. Another friend is in a similar situation as you. She can't stand Opium because she associates it with her birth mother, who was a very troubled person. Another friend is very averse to anything with honeysuckle because of a bad experience. Another friend isn't really averse to coconut, but if she smells a sweet coconut fragrance or candle, she starts talking about a bad sunburn she got almost 40 years ago, while her friends and kids all yell, "we know!!" I think we, as a group, probably have more pleasant associations with fragrance than negative ones, but I also think negative associations with fragrances/notes is pretty common.

16 days ago

Interesting topic. I always find it amazing how our sense of smell ties us to events in our life.

CK One (Eau de Toilette)CK One Eau de Toilette

Is kind of 50/50 for me as it reminds me of holidays abroad when I was younger which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. You see i have fond memories of being in IBIZA clubbing tied to it which are good memories but now at an age in my early 40s it also makes me realise I will never live the experience I had at the age I was when I was going there each summer for a couple of years and will never get that back. Holidays abroad as a child or teenager is very different to someone middle aged and I find myself wishing I could go back to that time. Another tied to that is Hugo (Eau de Toilette)Hugo Eau de Toilette well that’s the recent version I mean the one that came out in the 90s which is pretty much the same scent and back then HUGO was a much better brand than they are now with their weak fragrances that last an hour.

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