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Spearmint? 22 days ago

Hi, good fragrances for men with spearmint note, if is possible basenote

22 days ago 1

Spearmint oil and its constituent aromachemicals (most notably menthol) are very volatile, meaning they will evaporate quickly and last for a short time, so it would be difficult to achieve a minty base note. That being said, I think the best spearmint fragrance would be EnclaveEnclave. Eros (Eau de Parfum)Eros Eau de Parfum has a decent minty freshness too but it is not as potent and prominent as Enclave.

22 days ago 2

SedleySedley has an addictive Spearmint note that sticks around for a fair amount of time on my skin for a top note. Very refreshing summer aquatic scent !

21 days ago

thanks x the info Sirs

15 days ago

Heeley menthe fraiche

13 days ago

I'd say either Menthe FraîcheMenthe Fraîche or You Or Someone Like YouYou Or Someone Like You, though as Omnipotato very clearly said mint scents tend to fade quickly to leave the spotlight to middle and base notes, and I can't think of any fragrance where mint lasts very long.

11 days ago

I like Aqua Allegoria Herba FrescaAqua Allegoria Herba Fresca but it's not really sharp. And Saint JulepSaint Julep but this is more dusty patchouli to my nose.

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