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Papier d´Armenie

Papier d´Armenie 27 days ago 3

Today I got a booklet of Papier d´Armenie in Rose as a present. I have heard about this type of perfume product before but never got to actually see one until now, and was I surprised by it! First, because for being a thin and delicate paper sheet the fragrance is strong! I can only imagine what happens when you burn it. The second surprise was to find out that Francis Kurkdjian had composed this rose scent. 

27 days ago

Ow wow I got to save this. This is such a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing!

You're supposed to burn it, right.. Did you try that yet?

27 days ago


Yes I did! The paper burns quite quickly but the fragrance stays in the room for a long time. 

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