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Suggestions for a fragrance with geranium?

Suggestions for a fragrance with geranium? 9 years ago
I like the smell of geranium: it's fresh, a bit bitter and formal, and sometimes minty. Nice examples are "Geranium pour Monsieur" and "Platinum Égoïste". "Ambre 114" also has geranium but I don't like how it combines with amber. But I don´t know any other fragrances that have a geranium note.

Do you guys have any suggestions for fragrances with a prominent geranium note?
9 years ago
Using the Fragrance Note Directory, filtering for Geranium, will give you fragrances featuring that note. Check it out here.
But, of course, you would rather have personal recommendations.
9 years ago
Sleuth, do you prefer the night? Do you have a pale complexion and are your canine teeth a little bit longer than usual?

Then Washington Tremlett's "Black Tie" is the geranium fragrance for you! Wink
9 years ago
The one that comes to mind immediately is Diptyque's "Geranium Odorata". I have smelled this- it is a little peppery, IMHO. It has a big dose of bergamot in the mix. They other is Penhaligon's "English Fern". Which is on my FB wishlist, it is so green and delightful!
9 years ago
Hmm, "10 Corso Como"? That is a perfume, what I can not catch, it slips away from my drafting skills Confused I just call it Faceless Love.
Not guaranteed to blow you away... 9 years ago
There is Ouragan.
Its not bad, considering the kind of budget that would have been available to François Demachy, and the best of the Masculine range available from Bourjois.
At around €16 you ain't gonna get Chanel, and you'd have to buy it from a supermarket...
Certain sources describe it as an oriental, but I disagree. It doesn't have the base of an oriental and is too light and open for that.
Better than some full price offerings of late, I would give it 48% for performance and 88% value for money.
9 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions guys! Smile

@WildGardener: 88%? That's a precise score, lol. Thanks!
9 years ago
88% yeah! Hahaha...
9 years ago
I love geranium too. My absolute favorite is "Geranium Bourbon" by Miller Harris. This is a luscious, addictive, but very rosy fragrance - you really need to love rose for this one, although the geranium is also very pronounced. Again partnering geranium with rose, is "Aoud Roses Petals" by Montale. The geranium is most obvious when compared to other rose/ouds in the line that don't feature geranium, such as Aoud Queen Roses. I could name other geranium/rose combos but I suspect that's not the style you're looking for.
My other favorite is "Rive Gauche pour Homme (2003)" by YSL which partners geranium with subtle anise and other aromatic notes - a far more appealing combination than it looks on paper.
9 years ago
I have just added "Acqua di Carthusia Geranio" by Carthusia to my collection. It's all about geranium with some citrus and spice. Worth sampling for geranium lovers
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