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Musk Mondays Starting 30/01/2023

Musk Mondays Starting 30/01/2023 1 year ago 2

A sync I originally created on Basenotes (to that site I say good riddance  you've lost me as member and I will not be coming back). Musk Mondays, any fragrance where the note of musk is either in the base or heart notes of a fragrance.

Every Monday we sync with a Musky scent mix it up with either a Feminine, Masculine or Unisex fragrance.

1 year ago 1

I’m wearing Kuumba Made Persian Garden. Light dry florals, but mostly clean musk.

Siberian summer 1 year ago 1

That's a lot of musk, you can only wear it for yourself - at home Smile. But it's an experience

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