Nvrmind by Aether
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Nvrmind is a perfume by Aether for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is animal-fresh. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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AmbrinolAmbrinol AmbroxanAmbroxan Coniferan EucalyptolEucalyptol GrisalvaGrisalva Methyl anthranilateMethyl anthranilate
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Live up to the name
Totally excited about the idea, I was hyped on this scent. But it was nowhere to be found, except at the manufacturer. And the price wasn't really that convincing...
When I got a good offer, I simply made a blind purchase.
Then came the really good thing about Nvrmind: the outer packaging, the futuristic-looking plastic shell of the bottle, and the bottle itself with its magnetic lid.

From there on, it gets reluctant. So basically exactly what this scent wants to be.
And as with all the Aether scents I have tried so far, Nvrmind is a very cool representative. And as I have already pointed out in a statement, I had to give him more time. Because my impressions when I first wore it were... mixed. But I'll leave that out at this point and rather explain how it is a bit later.

First of all: If you smell like this every day, you definitely have courage. Because even though I think the silage is underground, festival feeling is probably a good way to describe this smell. And, my goodness, I have seriously six (!) spray blasts on my arm right now...
Nvrmind smells like grunge. After nasty 90's pubs, with dirty floors, even dirtier toilets, lots of body contact, metal tables, counters and bar stools and somewhere someone left his used condom. It's cold outside though. The breeze of the big city keeps blowing through the constantly opening door, which also keeps blowing in a gush of new, laughing people.
In the course of time, the pub becomes cleaner and cleaner and the wind blows more and more into the cold city. Beer turns into vodka and the neon lights become dimmer.
And as strange and perhaps also strange or disgusting as it may seem now - the second time I read it, I feel reminded of my first sniff - it is coherent.

Nvrmind is not a charmer. Nothing for every wearer. Has the potential to be someone's everyday go for as well as to evoke WTF moments.
Nvrmind needs just that. The wearer has to be able to identify with the adherent lifestyle and just shit on everything. Then you can enjoy this fragrance. Maybe it's not so wrong then that the silage underground will, with a bit of luck, yield 20cm.

But good. Yesterday was the day the bombs fell in the fallout universe, and postatomare wasteland smells very similar in my head. I'm going to take the controller in my hand.

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