Incense City 2018

Incense City by AllSaints
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Incense City is a popular perfume by AllSaints for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-smoky. It is being marketed by Revlon Inc..
Goes well with Cinéma (Eau de Parfum)
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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FrankincenseFrankincense CedarwoodCedarwood CypressCypress
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At night in the rehearsal room
It is pitch dark when the boys lead the two girls into the building complex in the middle of the industrial estate. The air is filled with the typical steam of an industrial area. Inside there are lots of small plots with partitions made of cheap wood. It also smells a bit like a party, slightly smoky-sweet. The girls sit down in the corner in the back, while the guys organize something to drink and afterwards plug their guitars into the amplifiers. But wait, there's one thing missing. The long haired guy rolls a joint, lights it with a match and passes it around. As he leans over to the girls, you can catch the masculine scent of his deodorant before the slightly sweet smell of marijuana hits their noses. The boys begin to play. Not as loud and brute as they usually do on stage. These are soft, very subtle sounds in perfect harmony. The cables, warm from playing and covered with dust, release their very special scent before the singer M. starts humming a beautiful melody. The two girls listen and enjoy.

Again a special, but still beautiful and also quite wearable fragrance awaits one with Incense City by AllSaints. After a smoky-woody start, which is remotely reminiscent of Kerosene's Broken Theories, the fragrance gradually becomes softer and more synthetic, but also brings a subtle softness and sweetness. For a long time, the impression of a freshly lit match lingers for me, but the smell of electrical appliances that have become warm also lingers in the air. May sound a little confused and not particularly pleasant at first glance, but smells really beautiful. I also think I perceive echoes of La Fin Du Monde by ELdO, even if the iris component is missing here. If you like it smoky and a bit experimental, just give it a try. Although it makes me superficially think of a men's fragrance, it also wears wonderfully as a lady. I find him great!
Many thanks to Ergoproxy for the test opportunity.

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Is it autumn?
Yes, it's definitely autumn in this block-ridden district. The cold air struggles to make its way through the ravines of the mass housing. Somewhere the melody of a barrel organ is playing and you can hear the laughter or screams of people on rides. From the same direction the smell of roasted nuts blows in. One runs past me and breathes out his smoke. Luckily it is gone again quickly.
The fair is getting louder, the rain turns to fog and a few more people stagger out of their houses to celebrate.
A couple of campfires on the square with various food stalls create a pleasant atmosphere and warmth on this day at this time of year and in this humid weather. But the people want to celebrate, because something is over. Nobody knows (anymore) exactly what, but that is not so important.
I'm celebrating. It feels good. Everything around me is pleasant, albeit tentative and slow. My memory tells me that things used to be different. But it feels good
At some point it is night and people go home person after person. Soon I, too, can no longer stand on my feet.
On my way home I pass a cemetery. People are mourning. People are lying in each other's arms. I walk on, because it's none of my business.

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