Bloodline by American Perfumer
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8.7 / 10 36 Ratings
Bloodline is a popular limited perfume by American Perfumer for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is resinous-smoky. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Pinon pine needlePinon pine needle Fatwood Virginia cedarVirginia cedar LabdanumLabdanum Oakmoss absoluteOakmoss absolute PatchouliPatchouli TobaccoTobacco VanillaVanilla Oak woodOak wood


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Most realistic & pleasurable woodsmoke fragrance I have smelled
I have always been really iffy on overtly smokey fragrances. I don’t like those smokey outdoor BBQ sort of fragrances that others seem to think are all that. I have never smelled one that I felt was all that appealing, let alone beautiful...until today. Bloodline is, without a doubt, the most realistic woodsmoke fragrance I have ever smelled, the most natural, and the most beautiful. There is nothing weird thrown in, nothing distracting, no rubber, no plastic, nothing “trying too hard”. It’s not too charred, nor is it lumberjack manly with added evergreen notes, nothing grilled food like, nothing Portland hippie trendy, or anything that you usually find in many smokey indie scents. This is the exquisite beauty of whiffs of firewood that you get in fresh morning air of a rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere. It’s that first smell of winter in the neighborhood you grew up in, those whiffs you get when you know it’s cold enough for someone to be using a fireplace for the first time. It’s the comforting smell of being home with family. It’s pure. It’s elegance. I can’t explain it, but Bloodline almost makes me cry.

For someone who doesn’t even like smokey fragrances to be this pleased, it is really saying something. I actually feel bad even writing a review for this because only 15 bottles were made and it sold out in an hour. But if you are a fan of smoked wood fragrances and see this one ever for sale, I strongly suggest you buy it unsniffed. I can’t image ANY fan of woodsmoke would not be pleased. In my humble opinion, this is an award worthy scent. It’s flawless. And, again, I don’t even like smokey fragrances. But when something is this good, I will make an exception.
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DarkWinterCSDarkWinterCS 12 months ago
The run through coniferous forests
Cooling dew
Warm clouds of smoke
Burnt wood on the ground
Resinous tree bark
Smoked bacon


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