Second Skin
Вторая кожа

Second Skin / Вторая кожа by Anna Zworykina
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8.1 / 10 23 Ratings
Second Skin is a popular perfume by Anna Zworykina for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CognacCognac ImmortelleImmortelle LabdanumLabdanum TuberoseTuberose CastoreumCastoreum OakmossOakmoss PatchouliPatchouli Black teaBlack tea CarnationCarnation TobaccoTobacco VanillaVanilla AmbretteAmbrette BergamotBergamot CassiaCassia JasmineJasmine Orange blossomOrange blossom RoseRose SandalwoodSandalwood White cedarWhite cedar Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang


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Submitted by TIA1971, last update on 20.02.2022.
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The multifaceted, ambivalent skin
" what's the problem exactly?" our hero asked the nymph.
"Are you serious that you now want me to accompany you in a baby bath bucket because you lost my normal vessel in a card game?"
"I had surefire tips, Mari..."
"You had the chicken give you the tips by the chicken cackling depending on the card."
"It never went wrong before."
"You've never had it go wrong before."
"Okay, you're not comfortable in that bucket, your second skin is sort of missing. I'll round up the troops and we'll get your tub back! Where's our faun Floyd?"
"Either lying in the compost or rubbing himself with mountain pine oil in the woods walking, lying, rubbing himself...I don't want to know...."
"I'll collect the square balm first. Because it's not balm2 at all."
"But you introduced it like that in the first part, it's confusing."
"Right, Melisse2 is shorter too, and that's another long introduction like that, every character counts."
"Right, Polly, hadn't heard you come in at all."

So Man set off immediately, the tub lost by our hero to the pirate MonsieurTest aka the wooden leg with the moustache. He anchored in the bay at Ponticus Bay. You knew his trusty companions Nunchaku-Nui and FvSpeer were with him, it would surely come down to a spectacular fight. To prepare, you put on Eye of the Tiger and perfumed yourself with Second Skin. At the smell of cognac the Faun Floyd remembered his last adventure, his last Gschpusi with a female fir but I don't want to elaborate on that here.

At the beginning we progressed quickly and soon took a break. Hot black tea was handed, one or the other tipped cognac to it. The nymph one tipped only the cognac into the bath bucket. It could also be that the water was emptied out first. This aromatic, spicy, brown scent was now joined by a slight iodine note, it smelled like camomile tincture. Accordingly, Melissa2 became nervous. Was it...,yes it was her nemesis Immortelle(√). This set directly a scent mark and a hard duel was led:

Bautz! Boing!

Eventually, of course, Melissa2 won, and known for her rawness, she smeared herself with her old enemy's immortelle oil, an occult Melissa ritual of sorts. The rest was recycled by the chicken. So they moved on, with the olfactory triad in their luggage; remarkably the dry immortelle, which no longer seemed dry due to the cognac and the tea, but rather had the character of a tincture So you walked past flowery fields, saw tuberoses, jasmine, ylang-ylang and so on. Since the melissa tolerated no competition, she smoked several boxes of Roth-Händle and ignited the sea of flowers what now looked like a freshly cleared jungle. The air was smoky, but absurdly pleasant. The beguiling flowers like the tuberose released their scent one last time which combined with the smoky element to a very fine melange. Perhaps the best what floral-smoky produced.

Our hero now spoke to the chicken:

"Ok, Polly, now it's on, we're almost at the ship and we desperately need a plan..."
"That's worth an idea..."
"Right, I hadn't thought of that but how exactly do you mean?"
"Cackle, cackle, pick, pick"
"That seems a bit abstruse, I don't quite understand about the coke bottle and the vacuum cleaner?"
"Oh, right, had that wrong. Now we have a plan!"

Tobacco overlaid the scene, aromatic and herbaceous. Spotting the enemy phalanx, MonsieurMustache sent out FvSpeer who, armed to the teeth, strode resolutely towards our heroes. Suddenly a shout, "5 liter Cologne canister spotted in the bay! Uncle Cologne!" then FvSpeer was also gone.
That left Nunchaku-Nui. Who brought our team to the brink of defeat when suddenly an unknown fighter struck Nunchaku-Nui down with cedar and sandalwood.
"Who...are you?" everyone shouted in chorus.
"They call me MahatmaGandix. I was drawn to this now beautifully balsamic resinous scent."

It was true, tea, cognac and consorts were gone, leaving aromatic dark resins on an oakmoss base. Refreshing and multi-faceted. Suddenly TAFKAS aka Schnurri aka MonsieurTest appeared. With his appearance, the dry woody notes burst forth one last time, enriching Second Skin, but the interlude was brief. For he slipped, as our nymph emptied a bit of the cognac water from her bath bucket in front of him, the captain slipped and broke everything, crashed through the planks and that was that. Beaming with joy, Mariella jumped into her tub!

Once home, everyone had to recover first. Melisse was imprisoned due to slash-and-burn, Pollita was a sought-after lecturer due to her linguistic eloquence, Mariella sprayed her tub with tango while regarding the poor fish with strange looks, the faun Floyd still lay in the cleared field, buried several meters deep due to the woodsy-mushroomy-smoky melange and our hero read the newly published autobiography Wolle Beinhart - wie ich als Rocker Herner Bürgermeister wurde.

Second Skin is a very varied fragrance, which carries the most diverse components in itself and will certainly appeal to a wider mass. It is a powerful fragrance, but a better sillage would not have hurt. Exciting is that he manages to create ingredients pleasant, where others like to do difficult or design these too one-dimensional, see the tea or the cognac.
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