Gorod Myortvyx Korolej
Город мёртвых королей / Huế

Gorod Myortvyx Korolej / Город мёртвых королей / Huế by Anna Zworykina
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8.6 / 10 22 Ratings
Gorod Myortvyx Korolej is a popular perfume by Anna Zworykina for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is resinous-earthy. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Mitti attarMitti attar Choya NakhChoya Nakh KelpKelp OakmossOakmoss SaffronSaffron VetiverVetiver Choya LobanChoya Loban PatchouliPatchouli Elemi resinElemi resin FrangipaniFrangipani MyrrhMyrrh OudOud RoseRose SandalwoodSandalwood AngelicaAngelica Choya RalChoya Ral FrankincenseFrankincense HopHop JasmineJasmine JuniperJuniper Kewda attarKewda attar LabdanumLabdanum LavenderLavender Mango leafMango leaf Pink lotusPink lotus Violet leafViolet leaf


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Huong River Cruise
Of the works I have tried from Anna Zworykina, HUE is the most transportive. It is also the most unusual and unique. A smoky-resinous oud perfume displaying aromatic, floral, fruity, mossy, and aquatic facets.
The perfume delivers a vivid olfactory experience of HUE, the former ancient capital of Vietnam, cruising the Huong River in a rustic rowboat through the pillars rising out of the water to support the wooden houses of the villagers. Stopping by the river market to purchase some aromatic herbs, spices, and fresh fruit, followed by a visit to the many temples in the city for some agarwood incense burning and meditation. Anna uses a combination of seaweed, choya nakh, and pink lotus to suggest the green waters of the river, oakmoss, vetiver, and mitti attar for grounding the imagery of the shore. Green waters adorned with lotus flowers and mosses embellishing the pillars of the houses. A combination of exotic fruits, florals, and aromatic herbs follows the green-aquatic opening, welcoming the wearer to the nearby river markets flanking the shore. These facets are delicately carved. Don't expect big strokes of mango and champaca or frangipani. They are used with a light touch to stimulate the imagination. Finally, the base greets you into the temple with a prominent agarwood note displaying a light ceremonial smoke accord, lavishly adorned with resins like myrrh and spicy-lemony elemi. The buzz outside the temple goes silent allowing for deep meditation.
I love HUE but only wear it as a personal scent. It feels more like an experience rather than a perfume. I tried wearing it out and felt like wasting it. Unique and transportive for when you crave those South-East Asian trips and you want to skip the airport queues.

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The Cave
A few friends and I with the backpack on the way in Vietnam.
Of course we are out for adventure,
want to explore the country.
With the help of inadequate maps we try to explore a forest.
Hours we are already on the road,
have probably lost us hopelessly.
On the mouldy smelling soil a multitude of similar mushrooms grow.
Tempting, we hadn't eaten in ages A careful test with the tongue,
no, they do not taste bitter,
rather after the earth.
One bite, everything turns....
Salt water...
I taste the salt on my lips,
try to open your eyes...
A cave,
a look up,
no chance....
Around me the roots of trees in the mud,
they seem to reach for me with their long fingers.
The humid walls are covered with moss.
Hiss... hiss...
I see white figures with eyes oozing from her skull Stay still...
They don't seem to see me the eyes are glassy...blind One of these monsters with razor-sharp teeth is very close,
it smells musty, like decay.
It turns away.
I'm trying to free myself i'm stuck in this algae pond of kelp I have a claustrophobic attack,
fight with the swampy seaweed.
It's pulling me further and further down.
Meanwhile I'm already stuck up to my neck.
Above me the night...
a hopeless fight.
My senses are fading,
again, everything goes round and round.
I smell essential oils....

A search party had found my friends and me,
unconscious from eating the mushrooms,
and brought back to the present with the oil.

If you test this scent, it's not necessarily beautiful but he takes you on an adventurous journey,
tells stories That's why he earned the 7 points.
Buying? - You'd have to like something like that It's not my taste, but he will find his lovers I can't smell the incense here

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Stoned group orgy in the hippie tent
... that's the smell of this fragrance, which is now called HUE, if I am informed correctly...

Even though the old name is more chrismatic, this does not change the fact that the fragrance is a real experience.
Also, this will probably be one of the shortest comments I have written so far.
The fragrance is unbelievably multifaceted but at the same time so complexly assembled (masterly one could say) that an exaggerated description may somehow not succeed...

Time travel back to the wildest 70s.
Right in the middle of a tent full of smoking, drumming, guitar playing hippies.
Music, singing, naked skin There is dancing, salting, sweating and smoking.
Lots and lots of pot Incense sticks in all possible and impossible forms of smell - and as if that were not enough - scented lamps and scented candles. Spices, herbs and various types of liqueur.
It's as if all the smells of an entire hippie market were stuffed into one drop of perfume or a single hippie tent.
In addition, take a nose full of green forest soil air.
I wake up in the morning. Still euphoric and foggy I sniff at my shirt, which still smells of all the nuances of the last night. The smell of the brewery comes in through the window and joins in Exhausted but completely satisfied, I turn over to the side again.


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RachelgRachelg 5 months ago
Now called "Hue" - another incredibly rich, high quality scent. Very spicy and complex, a bit smokey. For languid evenings on silk pillows.


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