Eau de Cologne Thé Ambré Bergamote 2017

Eau de Cologne Thé Ambré Bergamote by Bien-Être
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7.6 / 10 6 Ratings
Eau de Cologne Thé Ambré Bergamote is a perfume by Bien-Être for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is citrusy-spicy. It is being marketed by L'Oréal. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Keep It Simple
In recent years, a lot has happened in terms of (niche) perfumes. Gone are the days when, apart from the "standards" of the fashion brands, nothing could be found except in hard-to-find basement boutiques. Even drugstores now carry a wide range of brands apart from the fashion labels, sometimes even brands specializing in fragrances. This trend I do not want to evaluate here (diversity, brand confusion of large cosmetic companies, unity in the niche, etc.), the forum is the right place.

However, this introduction was particularly important to me for the review of this cologne, because:
Due to the above-described development, there is in the upper price segment now unimagined choice. Thereby, everything is from junk about artistic claim to beautiful compositions. The more exciting I find it again and again to discover products that are outside this "circus" and still convince.

Who is looking for the The Ambre Bergamotte online, lands not at ALZD or at the large meanwhile also much niche leading providers, but at Carrefour or the Nouvelle Epicerie.
At "customers also searched" does not appear the latest Frapin, Malle, Amouage. No, with me appear toilet paper, disposable razor blades and the aftershave in the price range to 2€.
For the sake of fairness, I must mention at this point, however, that I became aware of this fragrance, of course, only because it was officially created by Aliénor Massenet. And since I cover myself not only in the supermarket with perfume, she is of course already well known to me from other fragrances, such as Replica - Jazz Club.

The cologne itself convinces first of all by its price. 6 - 10 € for 250 ml I think is fine. Especially here I am almost proud of this bottle in front of me: we Germans, always price-conscious, some would say stingy. But with perfume, and then still niche, there is but cheap = cheap = bad. Really?
For me, we have here an excellent example that good fragrances do not have to be expensive. And it is actually so simple: Keep it simple!

Of course, we have here no compositional miracle before us and also the so-called "performance" is not breathtaking (Although I am really positively surprised by the durability for a cologne). But in this case, it is easy to say: Then just take more. Does not hurt.
The fragrance itself is rock solid but simply beautiful. He contains (and I deliberately do not say "starts with", because development well you guessed it...) an orange, which actually comes very fruity, but never drifts into the candy-like. Here I already suspect the trained hand of Ms Massenet: using an Orange Blossom Absolute is not enough here, but there is a composition behind it that takes the orange in a sweet direction, without acidity and only a very subtle bitterness. To me, this sweetness harmonizes very nicely with the tea note. The addition of "red tea" in the notes is very important. I detect a note that I have rarely encountered before that goes in the rooibos direction. The sometimes somewhat ethereal jasmine-like impact of many other tea scents is completely absent here. The base, as the name implies, is an amber note that is not spectacular but soft and flattering.

Especially now that the days are getting warm (finally!!) this scent is wonderful for me to get through the day on a light breeze and dream of flowers, fruits and carefree holidays. It's totally unisex, even if all those who still cling to the strict categorization would probably push it more towards feminine because of the floral aspects. And most importantly, it gives me another feeling I haven't had in a long time: it's really fun to pour a little of its colognes into your hand in the morning (it doesn't come with an atomizer) and generously slap it all over yourself. So instead of discreet spraying quasi a "rolling" in the fragrance.
For all who are looking for the niche away from the niche industry, certainly worth an order.
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