Ruby 2018 Perfume Oil

Ruby (Perfume Oil) by Bruno Acampora
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Ruby (Perfume Oil) is a popular perfume by Bruno Acampora for women and was released in 2018. The scent is gourmand-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by ExUser, last update on 21.02.2021.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Ruby (Extrait de Parfum) by Bruno Acampora, which differs in concentration.


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Finest chocolate without calories
In the meantime I have got to know some perfume oils from the house of Bruno Acampora and I must say that most of them have delighted, if not inspired me very much.
On the whole, very authentically made and high quality fragrances. And after testing 12 fragrances I got used to the oil and dabbing on it.
I saved this scent, the Ruby, until the very end I wanted to try it, as a confessing chocolate addict, as the crowning glory of my life
A fragrance with chocolate as its main theme had never been in front of my nose before. Cocoa notes or something similar were already familiar to me and I am not at all averse to the gourmand scent. But that's not always possible either
So I dealt with Ruby extensively and was able to form an opinion.
So what do I smell when I wear the fragrance?
First of all, a very rich and very skilfully implemented note of the finest dark chocolate is noticeable, very delicious (delicious really fits here), cocoa content approx. 60%, made from the finest cocoa beans and carefully conched. This fine chocolate is gently melted and has this unmistakable scent. But it is not hot, because I find hot chocolate smells less appetizing.
After a few moments, light impressions of wild berries and a hint of floridity are added. This could well be related to the chocolate note given. There are the most adventurous blends. Vanilla softens the whole thing additionally and underlines the gourmand overall impression.
What I find remarkable is that the fragrance hardly seems sweet at all, not for a minute, but rather finely tart.
Not much actually happens with the fragrance, but I think that a well-done fragrance does not always have to have an exciting and confusing course to be beautiful.
I sometimes like the fact that many a fragrance remains linear and at the end still smells practically the same as at the beginning.
And I also find the rather minimalist composition of the fragrance very successful. Such extremely overloaded compositions often put me off. And I don't really want to read an instruction manual to understand a fragrance or even take a course "How do I find the individual scents? And when? And why? Course for scent beginners, part 1"
Sometimes it's just too hard for me
Now you may ask yourself, why should you smell of things you can eat or drink? Is there a point to that? Well, tastes are very diverse and I find the idea of transferring some delicacies to fragrances quite original. And so I say to myself: Why shouldn't you smell of chocolate or something like that if it's fun?
And that brings us to the point, a fragrance should please the wearer and be fun to wear. No more and no less. I don't always like to sit down and ask myself what the perfumer was actually thinking when he mixed the fragrance, or how can I really overwhelm the wearer with extravagant notes in particular?
I wear the scent and just enjoy it. Even if it's just for me alone
In Angua's comment below mine, the similarity to the still quite new pink chocolate variety is described. I have tried this one first and can't judge this so exactly.
But the name of the fragrance and the presentation certainly suggest that one has thought of something in that direction.
But the delicate, lovely pink should not tempt you to infer a fragrance that is intended more for teenagers. In addition, I find it very mature and tart. I also agree with Angua I find the applications a bit difficult, in the office I can't imagine Ruby that well, as he has quite a presence. The fragrance might be more for evening occasions and also preferable in the cold season. It might fit very well to the staff in a fine confectionery ;-)

The shelf life is also not from bad parents, one or two swabs easily last 10-11 hours, until the fragrance gently and quietly farewell.
Ruby is very perceptible over a few hours, but does not appear obtrusive or penetrating.

So if you enjoy smelling like a delicious and exquisite chocolate for a change, then you should try this. For those who are not fond of gourmand scents anyway, Ruby will not be happy.

I enjoyed the test very much, even though I will not buy the chocolate scent. The scent doesn't go on the hips but it does go on the wallet...
My big thanks go to Angua, who made it possible for me to get to know Ruby and the other Acampora fragrances!
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