Canali Men 2005 Eau de Toilette

Canali Men (Eau de Toilette) by Canali
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Canali Men (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Canali for men and was released in 2005. The scent is leathery-spicy. It was last marketed by Eurocosmesi / Coswell.
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CardamomCardamom Mandarin orangeMandarin orange PineapplePineapple AppleApple BergamotBergamot CorianderCoriander NutmegNutmeg OrangeOrange
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Orange blossomOrange blossom JasmineJasmine VioletViolet LilyLily
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IrisIris LeatherLeather MuskMusk VetiverVetiver CedarCedar SandalwoodSandalwood Tonka beanTonka bean


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80% (I think I had overheard) of the new releases disappear from the market within 1-2 years due to miserable acceptance. Then as now. You cry over a few, but nobody cares about most of them. At that time even less without the World Wide Web. I don't know how long "Canali Men" lasted - but I would never count him among the "lost treasures"...

Pierre Bourdon is a master, no question. But even masters can miss a trick. And "Canali Men" sucks for me. An iris scent that is supposed to be driven away from its softness and inconspicuousness with pungent fruit and scratchy leather-musk undertones? Sounds nice - but it's not. The fragrance is nothing half and nothing whole, the fabrics appear annoyingly inferior and flat-synthetic, a real character or direction crystallizes only very late. And then only with aversion. A bristly seducer, playful and annoying. Grim looking, but then also completely in the wrong direction. No. That was a sentence with an X. Today you can get something like that at Zara and other "fashion houses" next to the "counter".

Flacon: avant-garde or lame?
Sillage: discreetly sleepy
Shelf life: well meant 5 hours

Conclusion: an iris scent with edges sounds great on paper - but "Canali Men" simply doesn't work and is not one to be trusted. At least I do.
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Stay away
A drastically unimpressive sort of herbal-woody-fresh & musky suede-infused designer mishmash, a sort of fruity “neo-fougère” ideally between Cerruti Essence and Canali Style, just fruitier. Surely, as other reviewers mentioned already, the fruity-ozonic head accord paired with suede and that whole musky-woody foundation echoes Grès Cabaret Homme a bit too, given the nose is also the same, but well... Canali contains too much musky plastic to be realistically compared to that. I mean literally – take all those notes, and wrap them in plastic, that’s how Canali Men smells. Cabaret smells maybe a bit more conservative, but way crisper, bolder and overall much better made than Canali (and it’s way cheaper than that).

I admit that the touch of pineapple (or whatever that head aromachemicals are intended to evoke) works fine with the musky-suede accord though, creating a sort of poor man’s Aventus-like feel in a cheaper disguise (and that says it all, since Aventus isn’t exactly Patou pour Homme). But that’s however a very minor positive nuance of an otherwise desperately dull concoction – which besides being flat and weak from the very beginning, is also ridicolously short-lived. Desperately lacking in anything making it worth even just a third of its current collector’s prices.

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