Vetiver Forte 2016

Vetiver Forte by Collistar
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Vetiver Forte is a perfume by Collistar for men and was released in 2016. The scent is fresh-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CardamomCardamom Italian bergamotItalian bergamot Italian lemonItalian lemon NutmegNutmeg
Heart Notes Heart Notes
LavenderLavender Clary sageClary sage TobaccoTobacco
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CashmeranCashmeran Gaiac woodGaiac wood Haitian vetiver Orpur®Haitian vetiver Orpur®


7.329 Ratings
7.127 Ratings
6.727 Ratings
6.540 Ratings
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Misleading name, fantastic scent ... the surprise of the year!
Almost a bit of boredom I have added this fragrance to an Amazon order. I was curious about Vetiver, which - as far as I can judge - only serves as a substructure and despite the name "Vetiver Forte" doesn't play a dominant role. Or am I mistaken at the end? Even after "Orpur" I googled and suspected behind it the chemical club. On the contrary: It is a name developed by Tom Ford, behind which a proven origin and special purity of ethereal oils is said to lie. So far, so good!

So I was expecting something completely different when I finally got to my nose. From the presumed earthy-spicy-herb the real sweetish-balsamic-warm ... But what can I say? Anyway, I was looking for an EDT that was optimal for me for the beginning of the cold season and unexpectedly I suddenly wore this on my skin.

As a fan of "Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man" (one of my favourite winter and night fragrances), I immediately thought that it and VF would play in a similar league in terms of basic trends, seasons and occasions. So I went straight to the comparison test. And what can I say? I find VF even better, because after the top note flies away it looks more natural, which I attribute to the herbs and woods used, which give the tempting sweetness exactly the right amount of "resistance".

After having made my blog about "Synthetics" a lively place for discussions, I have to say: I don't care that "Haitian Vetiver Orpur" meets synthetic cashmeran and other components that I can't exactly smell out! ;-) For me, VF is simply a great fragrance, which I also like as someone who prefers the fresher splint. So I'm pretty excited for now and feel a bit like someone who has eaten one of the best desserts ever in an inconspicuous and simple backyard restaurant, and still pretty cheap.

What's true about the name, by the way, is the "Forte", because VF has a pretty strong sillage and durability
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