Fireside Story 2012 Perfume Oil

Fireside Story (Perfume Oil) by For Strange Women
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Fireside Story (Perfume Oil) is a popular perfume by For Strange Women for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is smoky-resinous. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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In Panama a fire crackles quietly in front of the plush sofa
Once upon a time there were two friends, they lived down by the river, where the smoke rises, next to the big tree. They lived in a cosy house with a chimney. They were doing well, because they had everything their hearts desired and they had nothing to fear, because they were also strong. One was fond of finding wood and the other was fond of collecting leaves and pine cones. In the evening they burned the resinous wood in the fireplace, buried their noses in the damp foliage and ethereal green cones and had a really nice life down there in the small, cosy house by the river.
One day, a crate floated by on the river and the two of them fished it out of the water, sniffed it and said, "Oooh, vanilla!" Because the box smelled like vanilla. And what was written on the box? "Pa-na-ma," they read. "The box is from Panama and Panama smells like vanilla. Oh, Panama is the land of our dreams!" they said, "We must go there tomorrow." They built a signpost out of the box and set off. On the way they met all sorts of people who asked them for directions to Panama, but who had no idea and always sent them just to the left, so that they would have almost arrived back home, had they not met two people who invited them to stay overnight in their house. There they were allowed to sit on the comfortable plush sofa and they talked about Panama all night long.
Once they met a crow and it led them to a high tree and showed them from there their dreamland. But what they saw was nothing other than the land and the river where they had always lived. When they arrived in front of their house, they found the sign saying "Panama", thought they were there, danced for joy, prepared the house and everything was as before, only now it was even more beautiful, because they bought a sofa made of plush and very soft.
Now they sat in front of the fire every evening, smelling the soft, dense, resinous wood smoke, in which a light, fleeting note of smoked ham had crept in at the very beginning, mixed with the damp leaves and ethereal green cones, before the green-earthy smoke began to settle on the old wooden walls of the log cabin after about an hour, from where it gently enveloped the two of them in a cosy atmosphere. "How good it is that we found Panama, isn't it?" they said every night, "the land of our dreams. We'll never, never have to leave again." And when they fell asleep on the sofa a few hours later, the archaic, skin-tight, green-earthy, woody-resinous smoke scent mixed with the smell of plush, and it smelled of dark vanilla.
(Freely after Janosch)
For Strange Women from Kansas City, Missouri, produce their perfume oils based on organic jojoba and coconut oil in combination with essential oils and plant extracts. The fragrances and samples come in lovingly designed small boxes with illustrative and descriptive cards. All fragrances are handmade, vegan, free of synthetics, alcohol, parabens and phthalates.
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