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In 1897, Fernand Ginestet founded Ginestet & Co in Bordeaux, a wine brand that aimed at the highest art of winemaking and Bordeaux tradition, soon established itself on the Bordeaux market with awards and high-quality wines, and is still a recognized brand under which selected chateaux and winemaking families produce.

First of all, this has only very indirectly to do with perfume. However, when composing a Bordeaux (always a cuvée, i.e. a blend of different grape varieties and barrels), some things are valid that also apply when composing a fragrance: the determination of fruit content, astringency, sweetness, acidity, floral, earthy or woody notes, dark and light flavor components, etc.

This common ground also struck Christian Delpeuch (one of the Ginetest directors) and Gilles Toledano (perfumer from Grasse) during a joint conversation about their passions. Immediately, in an oenological-perfumery collaboration, they set out to develop perfumes that would reproduce the characteristic qualities of three basic Bordeaux varieties as fragrances, and in 2008 Ginestet launched three of its own perfumes: "Sauvignonne" (dry white wine), "Botrytis" (sauterne), and "Le Boisé" (woody red wine).
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