Only You by Jean Louis Vermeil
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7.5 / 10 4 Ratings
Only You is a perfume by Jean Louis Vermeil for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-fruity. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 06.01.2022.
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Hello, stranger!
You came into my life in the company of other miniatures and pretty soon the questions began.
Who are you?
A name, "Only you", that says a lot and nothing!
Who is your creator?
Jean Louis Vermeil: a person who manages to leave virtually no trace on the net.
Except that he distributes perfumes and cleaning products from Paris, and launched other creations under his name at the end of the last century.
That is - and you have to admit it! - not exactly a lot.
So, in order to get to know you better, I'll have to use my scent-tested proboscis and build a kind of scent pyramid that I hope won't blow up in my face!

Your time was the last eighties or the nineties; so far it can be narrowed down.
Your miniature flacon walks with his eingliffenen, stylized compartments clearly on Karl Lagerfelds traces.
Its contents are the color of old, noble dark brown cognac, in which the light leaves golden reflections and secrets dance.
Your scent is just as noble: dark, enigmatic and thoroughly feminine.
You are just a child of your time!

The first points of light set the golden fruits of the Hesperides: I suspect bergamot and tangerine meet here to the fruity freshness talk.
The ripe, creamy fruitiness of the peach joins in. Its sweetness open the door to the classic flower garden, which forms the rich heart of this fragrance with its rich colors and floral aromas.
Of course, roses, jasmine and iris are at home in it and also the little violet with its dark purple face stretches friendly towards the light.
Together with the iris it provides that certain touch of powder, which is somewhat dampening over fruit and floral scents, but without taking away their respective charisma.
(It is certainly an art, not everything zuzupappen!)
Cloves also seem to find their way in; their woody spiciness harmonizes very well with the previous fragrance notes and also with the now quite strongly developing base.
Thus they are the bridge that leads to a tasteful and noble fragrance finale.
There gather oak moss and the earthy-green vetiver, which is joined lazily flowing golden brown patchouli (the color of the fragrance in accordance with and underlining).
A soft warm blanket of vanilla and musk nestles over this composition, studded with bright golden resinous amber dots.
Unsurprisingly, the little smelly civet cat also arrives to find a comfortable spot in the mysteriously warm semi-darkness.
And of course, as always, it leaves a trace of animalism, which is here, however, only very fine (but still perceptible).

So "Only You", with all its artfully interwoven fragrance notes, is probably more a fragrance for the evening hours.
Whether in a large setting or cozy in familiar company, this fragrance creature adapts excellently and decorates as a golden brown, almost velvety ornament for several hours.

Actually, it does not matter from which treasures of the fragrance world Jean Louis Vermeil composed "Only you" at the time; its sound is full and fills the senses.
Certainly my little nose does not lead me to all its components, but draws a picture of what I perceive, feel and perceive via the nevertheless trained "nose eye".

"Only you" will never be "the One and Only" in my fragrance world; but I gladly welcome this dark and substantial stranger!
A little interesting variety is quite good for me and who knows what else can be discovered!
A surprise package has really packed me 0815abc - to our mutual delight!
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