Royal Prince Men

Royal Prince Men by Jean-Pierre Sand
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Royal Prince Men is a perfume by Jean-Pierre Sand for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is synthetic-citrusy. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Once upon a time..
a prince... or perfumer... um, I mean perfumer named Jean Pierre Sand... sorry, Hans Peter Sand from Paris... no, but rather Blieskastel... oh, who am I kidding?

Maybe some of you know him from one or the other TV shopping channel, when he uses his French accent to advertise his fragrances in eye-catching bottles between cute and embarrassing, and you wonder if this is a parody or who's kidding who.

But he's serious and thinks he's a real perfumer based in Paris.
He actually comes from the Saarland and, according to his vita, did an internship in a perfume museum in Grasse to learn the basics of perfumery. Aha! After all, he only calls himself a "perfume designer", even though he was allegedly nicknamed "Prince de Parfum" after a Charité in Versailles.

After all, he is quite busy, because he has launched over a hundred fragrances at least under his own label. Even at Kaufhof-Galeria these ugly flacons caught my eye. I didn't even want to know how the contents sniffed... even if that sounds prejudiced now.

It is to be credited that "Prince Royal Men" was still relatively harmlessly packed. But on the other hand the content is even more questionable. The cheapest synthetic lemon and wood imitations were used here, where you can't believe that anyone would seriously want to wear something like that. In between I think I can smell a sweetishly acceptable almond note, but I don't know from which part of the pyramid it should come. Doesn't make the bumpy and anything but royal composition any better though. Moreover, the stuff colors like hell. A paper handkerchief with very little liquid took on a poisonous green colour. I don't even want to try if that will come out of white shirts.

But that explains why the fragrances are offered in the shopping channel where you can't smell them anyway. And at the Kaufhof-Galerie, there was probably also deliberately no tester standing around so that no one would get the idea of forming an olfactory judgement before buying. I'm afraid that most people buy JPS perfumes blindly as gifts or as a punishment - there's no other way to make sense of it.

By the way, I found no mention on his site that his ingredients are of exquisite, high or top quality. At least no one is fooled, but if you read between the lines, it doesn't matter.

How successful this business model is, only Jean Pierre ... i mean Hans Peter
And if he didn't die from counting money or from shame, he will still live today with his strange creations.
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