Vivacité(s) de Bach

Vivacité(s) de Bach by Les Fleurs de Bach
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7.7 / 10 27 Ratings
Vivacité(s) de Bach is a popular perfume by Les Fleurs de Bach for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-green. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BroomBroom Centaury
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OliveOlive Hornbeam Horse-chestnut
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Mustard LarchLarch
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Submitted by Antoine, last update on 04.11.2020.
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The Bautzen Thriller
Film idea for the Bautzen thriller (1 part):

Corpse has mustard all over his face, markings around the corpse are made of mustard, investigators spoon mustard during the investigation, drive to the Aral sausage quiver for breakfast, prosecutor is thinking about mustard parties whether gardeners grow mustard seeds.

The autopsy revealed that the victim had several wounds on his knees, elbows and rump, indicating a fall at the scene of the crime, on a trail of oil, egg yolk, vinegar, salt and a touch of MUSTARD. Does the perpetrator here cleverly want to distract from himself?

(Prof.Dr. Luke Mostrich from Maastricht disturbs the search.)

The KSK*, from the big city, is supposed to support the case energetically after TSK* and LSK* were at the end of their Latin.
*) Kühne special unit, *) Thomy special squad, *) Lion Special Commando

Latest findings in the case: female corpse was involved with a certain Heinz. Rumour has it, behind shaky curtains, that the relationship was complicated. One saw the unequal couple together only happy and frolicsome at the ikea hot-dog pumps.

Mysterious about-turn: Mustard is being withdrawn from supermarkets all over Bautzen; allegedly because of excessive, tear-irritating isothiocyanate doses.
The criminal investigation department cannot differentiate well enough by exclusion procedures, WESWEGEN the population howls.

Alain Dijon, an ex-lover of the victim, speaks out: she sent him, wrongly, across the white sausage equator, to where the pepper grows.

Under acute suspicion is the local baker, Dietmar (Diddi) Doppelkorn, who always allows himself the small, but sneaky fun of filling the advocaat Berliners with mustard at "Buy 3 pay 2 actions". The situation splashes over!

A friendly beekeeper of the dead felt shamelessly exploited and passed over when one day she stood in front of his door, undoubtedly filling his sling with Bautzen mustard and then using the dip to brush his salmon.

Dramatic music sounds from the loudspeakers: Mustard Sally (O.S.T.)
You Take My Mustard, You Take My Mustard Control
I Promise My Mustard, I Promise I Wait For You
It Mustard Been Love

All by my mustard
Don't wanna be
All by my mustard
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Heal thyself with perfume!
I came across Vivacité(s) de Bach a few years ago when my fellow perfumista and friend Nikos gave me his sample, more as a test to my weird taste in perfume as I later realised, than an introduction to a new marvel. To his nose it is an olfactive oddity, strange and unwearable. From the first whiff I was astonished by how different this one smells. If you have ever had an italian after-dinner amaro, then you already have a very good idea of what this smells like. A cloistral amaro served in a wooden cup. Freshly cut wood, and a conifer for that matter, is the first impression. Intense and masculine with terpenic nuances. Then come the bitter herbs. And when I say bitter, gin is sweet liqueur compared to this. I am no botanist nor monk so I cannot pin down different notes. If however bitter makes you think of something sombre and difficult, you are mistaken. Vivacité(s) remains bright and sparkling. The woody inclination remains very prominent and it is the kind of polished wood or very freshly cut. Pungent and more suited for topnotes rather than base. I often associate this bright woody quality with a certain fruitiness. The fruitiness of green apples or mango skin. I know that this is a very personal association but it can give you a measure of the woody qualities of Vivacité(s). The rest of the ingredients weave a herbal, bitter carpet. And like an amaro makes your teeth clench but your stomach light as the morning munchies, the same way Vivacité(s) manages to deliver what its name promises: liveliness and alertness.
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