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Scherma by Tuttotondo
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Scherma is a perfume by Tuttotondo for men and was released in 2017. The scent is woody-spicy. It is being marketed by Beauty San.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Emilio Beck
Since my childhood, I have had an affection for fencing; I like its elegance and its explosive yet rule-controlled forward pushing energy. When I was sixteen or seventeen, i.e. basically clearly too late, I actually started it myself - despite my long-standing disturbed relationship with club sport. I fought bravely, but then the Abitur came in between, I went to the Bundewehr and hung mask and foil on the nail, before I really entered the tournament. Too bad actually; I like to think back to the training (in my school hall, which the sports club had rented). And of course the triple victory of the German foil ladies at the summer games in Seoul, which took place at about the same time; I adored the third-placed Zita Funkenhauser like others a female pop star at that time (if I look at her pictures today, I'd say I already had good taste at that time, because she really was a firecracker!).

With this background it is not surprising that I always keep my eyes open for scents related to fencing. So far I knew only one, Escrimeur (the fencer). But since I have a very bumpy relationship to the Vetiver, which is very prominently used in this Frenchman, the detail could never move into my collection. Well, Italy is - like France -
a fencing and scent nation as great as it is, and for these small, pretty, beautifully designed and often inexpensive Italian labels like Erbolario or Tuttotondo, which almost represent a mixture of "drugstore" and "niche", I have had great sympathy for a long time. So after I had discovered this "Scherma" (pronounced "Skerma"; Italian: "fencing sport") from the men's line of Tuttotondo and after my attempts to get the stuff in Italian perfumeries had failed, it could not take long until I ordered it via the Internet. By the way, together with a bottle of the "Mirto" from the unisex line, which I already knew and to which I have become hopelessly addicted.

What does "Scherma" smell like? I would say very masculine and very (light to medium) brown. The bottle colour matches the fragrance colour perfectly here. Without being able to cleanly isolate individual scents, this is for me a total work of art in ochre, chamois and sienna. There could be leather and wood, but also cognac and whisky and a spice spectrum from cumin to nutmeg to cardamom. There is - notwithstanding considerable differences in the "objective" smell and in the list of ingredients - a felt kinship to other "brown" fragrances I love from my collection, like "Bel Ami", "Habit Rouge" and "Sensual Blend" (by Urban Scents). But not to Pierre Guillaume's much softer and more flowing, rather honey-coloured, non masculine "25 Indochine". "Scherma" has no pronounced course, but does not march through like an olfactory armour wedge in the lowlands, but plays and changes beautifully; sometimes a warmer, sweeter tan is in the foreground, sometimes hard spices and woods are on top.

You can, if you want, criticize one or the other of "Scherma". I find the prelude suboptimal (about the first 10 minutes). This fragrance must first sit down before it becomes pleasing. The technique of adding a challenging, quasi "ugly" counterpart to the pleasing, flattering notes, which provides the necessary tension, is well known and has been pushed to the limit in Habit Rouge (or Kouros), for example. With "Scherma", this intrusive violent, which you can't say exactly whether it is organic (coriander herb?) or chemical (something alcoholic or benzoic from the lab?), concentrates very much on the start and is irritating in this phase: A really brilliant start to this battle! Then one could regret the overall rather reserved persistence of the perfume; this game is somewhat fought out after three or four hours. Thirdly, one may criticize (but I would rather only like to state it) that "Scherma" is certainly not a "cheap" fragrance, it smells good, but that it certainly has a modern, straight, clear and mainstream impression. This fragrance looks as if the perfumer (with sense of proportion and understanding) has also made use of the possibilities of the fragrance industry in the broad spectrum to achieve a beautiful, but also widely usable and affordable fragrance result. In other words, the scent does not smell as if only Burundian (or Burgundian) Demeter-Teff-fed mountain fungus beetles were used for it, which in February (calculated according to the lunar calendar) would have been asked to voluntarily secrete one nanolitre of their glandular secretion during frost reciting ritual songs
But it doesn't bother me much. For me this is a male, spicy, hardly sweet scent, which is not "unheard of", but adds something qualitatively new to my collection. It is very suitable for everyday use, mainly for office and leisure time. Since he arrived at my place there is probably no scent, which I wear more often.

Does "Scherma" smell like fencing? I don't think fencing has a special smell. Under the mask and the protective clothing you sweat quite a lot, but sweat only smells strong when it gets old, and that should be avoided as a fencer. And the smell of the beautiful Zita Funkenhauser - who, as the Internet has told me, is still a beautiful dentist somewhere in Swabia - I imagine differently. But the fact that Tuttotondo has dedicated his men's series, in which all scents are named after a sport, to fencing is a good choice. You might think of the wooden planks (fencing piste), the traditional leather protective jerseys (our Egyptian coach wore one, and Emil Beck is iconic with it; normally Kevlar, possibly Kevlar, is used). with electric vest for the hit indication) and as spice and counterpoint some rough smells in the gyms, like traces of rust on the weapons or evenly nevertheless the running sweat (which perhaps smells then nevertheless, particularly if it goes against a fear opponent or one ate before onions).

If you imagine the fat trainer genius Emil Beck with his leather jacket and his beer-lady physiognomy in a more attractive Italian version, slimmer and more pithy, but already a bit four-chested, then the "Scherma" might hit quite well. An "Emilio Beck" so to speak.

En Garde, Allez and - Merry Christmas!


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