Call Me Iris 2021

Call Me Iris by Les Sœurs de Noé
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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Call Me Iris is a perfume by Les Sœurs de Noé for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is sweet-floral. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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FrankincenseFrankincense IrisIris
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Not fish, not fowl..
that's what they say when a food, a drink or a piece of clothing etc. can't quite decide what it's supposed to represent. I had a similar experience with this fragrance by Les Soeurs de Noé, which I actually think is really great. Why is that? Well, like so many of my favorites, it has similarities to some fragrances I already own. And yes, I love those compositions that already bring something familiar to my nose that I've grown to love here and there. Yes, I am one of those perfumas who often like to get similar fragrances. Because there I just know that fits and in principle no nasty surprises, called there disturbing factors, are to be expected.

Call Me Iris confused me but first, because immediately after spraying I had to think of the long discontinued Casmir Festival Blue. But why is that so? Honestly? I don't know. I don't find any similarities in the fragrance notes, but this pleasant freshness, slightly enriched by aldehydes, which seems a bit cool to me, reminds me of this fragrance at first. We have something citrusy here and there, with Iris it's bergamot and lemon and with Chopard it's neroli and mandarin. Maybe this proximity to one of my favorites comes from there?

Is the fragrance a while on the skin, suddenly flashes through another fragrance for my nose, which I also own for a long time and have already repurchased several times, even if it is now unfortunately only very transparent and delicate. It used to be a stunner - my Deep Night by Ghost. The similarities that I can sniff here can only be attributed to the vanilla base at first glance. Ghost doesn't contain iris and Noé's sister doesn't contain any fruit other than tangerine. But wait, stop. I think I now know what unites the two. An incense note, which is not specified on the Deep Night, but explains to me why the scent has been a staple in my repertoire for so many years. I love bright incense. And I'm beginning to be sure that's what's been incorporated here.

Well, why does Sister Iris still fail with me in the end? It actually sounds like a bull's-eye. Yes, actually. But Call Me Iris brings just in this phase, in which he begins to remind of the Ghost, a small, nasty disturbing note, which makes me once again think of cigarette ash. Cypriol, that often causes this with me, we have here indeed none, but the noses keep the actual ingredients to themselves, so I can only guess here what stings me.

On top of that, Call Me Iris doesn't want to answer after a very short time. No matter how loudly I call. The scent is tremendously quiet and weak on the chest. Yes, they have also pulled all the teeth of the Ghost. With the current version, I have to spray lushly by my standards to even smell it, but against Call Me Iris, Deep Night is still strong and potent. What Les Soeurs de Noé offer here is too little, even for the delicate Ms Polly. That's another reason I can't give it more than an 8.

A clearly recognizable iris's also no by the way. For me, this is after citrus-refreshing start a very delicate incense fragrance. Definitely with potential, which could have been exploited. Should have! Here, unfortunately, it did not happen, which is why he also does not become a wish list candidate.

Many thanks to Licorice for the testing opportunity.
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"You can call me Iris..."
...she said with a saucy wink, smiling teasingly at me...

With iris it is so, I love it, in all its manifestations and facets, and should I ever find my holy fragrance grail, I am deeply convinced that it will be a fragrance with iris.
I assume that I am not alone in this forum and generally among fragrance lovers, and so I hypothesize that this iris enthusiasm of an imaginary "iris fan community" may well have already reached the fragrance manufacturers.
I even go one step further and dare to express the suspicion that the inclusion of the "irritant word iris" in the perfume name is very deliberately chosen to attract us iris fans like "moths to a flame". heart immediately beat faster and as if hypnotized I followed her...

But what they may not have considered very carefully is the fact that very high expectations are automatically aroused in us. And we know that the higher the expectation, the greater the subsequent possible disappointment.
And I think that's exactly what happened to me and to the statements to conclude also some others with Call Me Iris.

...what she had promised me so promising with her self-confident appearance, she could unfortunately not keep when getting to know her. If I did not focus directly on her, it could happen that I was not really aware of her at all. Where was only the fiery flash in the eyes, where was only her charisma gone...

What is already noticeable after a short time, is unfortunately really very very weak projection, and I think that is already disappointing for a fragrance of this price range.
Unlike my pre-writers but I can actually perceive all the listed fragrance notes well. I think it's already so that you get what's on it.

The fragrance starts peppery-powdery-citrusy. Pepper and citrus notes keep the balance well, it is not a tangy sour fresh note, but rather you get the impression of a tart, tickling the nose lemon.
Gradually, also hand in hand, the iris and incense come on stage. The iris works through the persistent light citrus note so similar to Nuée Bleue or Poudre Désir, remotely it may also remind you of the "Prada iris".
With incense in fragrances I have not so many (good) experiences, because it seems to me soon once too strong. That is different here, I smell clearly incense, but in a very restrained form. Together with the iris creates an almost ethereal in the air seemingly come to a halt fragrance cloud.
Gradually joins a sweetish woody note, which then bridges into a beautiful vanilla base. The vanilla is slightly smoky, slightly woody-spicy, and not particularly sweet to my sensation. It is similar to the base of Mitsio Vanille, or probably more familiar, of Eau Duelle. The previously rather smoky-powdery consistency gradually transforms into balsamic, and every now and then I at least imagine to actually perceive the smell of pine needles.

...finally, I took the time to engage with her, and so she had the opportunity to let me look behind her put on "iris facade" and what I saw there, I then liked quite well...

Interestingly, I can also note the following: this morning I scented myself with Quelques Fleurs Royal Extrait. I could still detect it after a couple of hours, but was ready for another scent and sprayed on Call Me Iris. This resulted in a real booster effect. As if the already rather settling molecules were refreshed and uplifted again, while being complemented with another interesting note. This really strong and remarkable effect reminds me of the layer effect of Molecule fragrances.

...So where I had meant to miss character and profile after my first disappointment, my counterpart turned out to be a radiant, coherently resting being. Extroverted and loud, no loud she really is not, but meanwhile I enjoy the unobtrusive harmonic being together with her. Also a meeting with others works smoothly and proves to be enriching.

And by now I'm almost convinced that Iris might actually be her real name...

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