Orris Forrest 2020

Orris Forrest by Maher Olfactive
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Orris Forrest is a perfume by Maher Olfactive for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-green. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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JuniperJuniper Orris butterOrris butter CoumarinCoumarin Pinyon pinePinyon pine Sweet acacia absoluteSweet acacia absolute Bulgarian lavenderBulgarian lavender CorianderCoriander Fig leafFig leaf Indian black pepperIndian black pepper OakmossOakmoss PatchouliPatchouli Violet leafViolet leaf

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A sparse forest
Behind my house, right at the edge of the garden, a path begins. When the hustle and bustle of the day becomes too much for me again, I follow it and after just a few minutes the noise of the street and life is forgotten. Calm and silence returns.
I go a little further and stand in the pine grove. The grove is still very young, the trees still small. Everything is light and the sun shines almost unhindered through the fine branches. Nature is just awakening, it is spring, still cool but no longer cold. The first tender green sprouts. Small leaves, lavender, the juniper bush. The air is filled with their sweet-spicy scent.
A little further down the path and I come to the clearing. It is circular, as if drawn with a compass. In its center stands the great iris. I sit down in the moss and look at the powdery soft light leaning against its trunk. Here I linger and just do nothing...


Orris Forrest reminds me of spring. Tender green sprouts, it's still cool but already pleasant. What does not quite fit into the picture, is a slightly fruity note, which I perceive especially at the beginning. No idea where it comes from, fig leaf with acacia perhaps. More noticeable are the green notes, led by juniper and also some pepper. Later, lavender joins in and a dry pine that also brings in a slightly citrusy freshness. Floral notes are there from the start, but rather subtle and even the eponymous iris is initially restrained, but becomes more apparent as it progresses and is no longer overlooked in the base. The fragrance also becomes increasingly powdery. Also towards the base, moss comes in stronger and holds against it. So far so good.

For me personally, the fragrance has only two small problems: first, it is simply far too gentle. Juniper, lavender, the pine - all very nice, but I like it stronger, darker, like bitter. And secondly, the iris in the base is a bit too clear and powdery for me. From that it is not my fragrance, but for a small inner reflection he is well suited and some like it yes also soft and powdery ...
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