Treachery 2020

Treachery by Maher Olfactive
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Treachery is a popular perfume by Maher Olfactive for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is spicy-gourmand. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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A few little vices
Shawn is sitting on his porch, looking out into the backyard. The sun has just set. A light golden glow glows on the horizon. It's still warm from the day. The doctor told him two weeks ago he needs to change his life. The numbers aren't good, exercise more, cut down on the vices.

On the table beside him are his reduced vices of the evening. First he takes the piece of marzipan in bitter chocolate. Only one piece, it is to be enjoyed, far too quickly it is over. He takes a small sip of bourbon with it. It is warm and soft, like liquid gold. Toffee and vanilla resonate and a fruity sweetness. Perfect to end the day. Last but not least, the pipe. Freshly stuffed with the finest Virginia tobacco, slightly moist and spicy. Longingly he holds it under his nose and inhales deeply. He's not allowed to light it. But he is allowed to smell it and chew on it a bit. That and sip his little glass of whiskey now and then.

It's still warm, but getting progressively cooler. Soon Shawn will go inside and light the fire in the fireplace. Until then, though, he's still enjoying his little truck...


What does one not do everything for the health, but no vices in the life are also no solution - perhaps therefore this smell as a substitute?

Treachery starts very intensely with a strong marzipan note, vanilla and dark cocoa. This is very, very sweet; so sweet that with me already a slight escape reflex sets in (which sets in with sweet fragrances but gladly and early). It also comes with a good shot of whiskey. Bourbon, warm, strong and also sweet. Spicy notes are already recognizable in the background.

The sweetness decreases, fortunately, quickly something and marzipan and cocoa disappear quickly in the background, while the bourbon increases. It does not smell like freshly poured from the bottle, but rather like the empty glass from last night. The aroma is still easily discernible but muted, all spicy and alcoholic is following. Spicy tobacco comes up with it, slightly dank, maybe even still a little green. After an hour, I think I detect some fruity notes, but very much in the background, where they fit in well and don't interfere. Not much more happens, the whiskey gets weaker and weaker, the tobacco stronger and in the base vanilla comes in again. The whole is sweet, but still bearable.

The silage is quite considerable for an extrait in the first 30 minutes, but then withdraws quickly. The shelf life is good, 8 hours are easily in it. For fans of sweet tobacco fragrances and Gourmands an absolute recommendation, for me after initial flight reflex at least a very good fragrance, which I just do not want to wear.

A substitute for a few small vices in life he is not for me, I do without the pipe and take instead a piece of dark chocolate to my bourbon...


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