Cambodian Oud 2019

Cambodian Oud by SweDoft
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8.5 / 10 40 Ratings
Cambodian Oud is a popular perfume by SweDoft for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Maggy4u, last update on 18.03.2023.
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Family Duel: Oud Wood vs. Cambodian Oud
Ladies and Gentlemen

It's Friday evening, you've made yourself comfortable at home and your host Carpintero welcomes you to the family duel, this week with two very interesting candidates: Oud Wood from the house of Tom Ford and Cambodian Oud from the house of SweDorf. But before we start the duel, may the two candidates first introduce themselves, because it is not yet completely clear in what family relationship they are to each other - are you twins, siblings or just distant relatives?

[Both silent].

Good. Then perhaps we will settle this question at a later date?

[Both continue in silence].


Let's start with the exterior, the wardrobe, if you will.
(Perfumos would speak here of the FLAKON or the PACKAGING):

Both are dressed smartly and chicly. OUD WOOD comes in business attire: smart, tailored, timeless and elegant. Great, simple outer packaging, subtle yet striking label, flawless lid, nice detail with the silver, great shape and overall a beautiful bottle.

CAMBODIAN OUD but has put a little more in the stuff, as a business attire goes through this suit already no longer, rather a costume: Powerful and almost already decadent outer packaging made of real wood (which smells incredibly good), a seal of red wax on the outer shell, the wooden box filled with purple velvet, placed inside a beautifully noble flacon, also decorated with a seal of red wax, a large inscription and a very interesting color spray head: gold and silver! Does Cambodian Oud hope to prove something to its rival Oud Wood? And if so, does Cambodian Oud have anything to prove to Oud Wood? Well... It remains intriguing.

Would either of you like to finally say something about your relationship now?

[Both silent].

Well...apparently not.

Let's move on to the first round.
(Perfumos would speak here of the HEADNOTE).

OUD WOOD dominates in the UPSTAGE immediately with its outrageously seductive and slightly medicinal oud note. It radiates a distant coolness and at the same time a comforting warmth. Cool, aloof wood with subtle nuances of oud. Soothing cardamom. Noble sandalwood. Rounded off by the warmth of tonka bean and the restrained sweetness by the discreetly used amber. A dream.

CAMBODIAN OUD actually starts IDENTIC in the first two minutes. Seductive and at the same time distant, a slightly medicinal oud note. Cool and comforting warmth. A little aloofness here, a little pick me there. But what does Cambodian Oud do now? The audience looks on in anticipation; at home, viewers in front of the TV hold their breath in anticipation: WHAT IS HE DOING? He just won't get sweet... Tonka bean? Hello? Where are you? Cardamom is here, in abundance. The woods are also abundant. But what happens now? The audience stares at the stage in horror, you could hear a pin drop, so tense is the mood: Cambodian Oud unpacks pepper! Pink pepper. And it works... instead of a sweet tonka bean, Cambodian Oud relies on spicy pink pepper. That combined with the beautiful woods, cardamom and medicinal oud gives a perfect melange of incredibly seductive scents.

You definitely aren't twins yet, are you?

[Both silent].

Are you guys really not even going to comment on this right now?

[Both continue to be silent].

Alright... we'll figure it out!

We're going to go to commercial now before we start round two....

A murmur goes around.
Ok... haha... little joke for Friday. Lightens the mood a bit.
No? Nothing? Not even a smile?

Well... here also no one pays for comedy, but for a hard-hitting duel, in which the winner is far from certain.

Let's move on to the second round, the heart, as the Parfumos call it:

OUD WOOD remains beautifully straightforward. It radiates such a perfect aura that captivates the wearer and anyone who comes close. The precious woods complement each other perfectly, the scent is beautifully creamy, perfectly seductive and sweet thanks to the enchanting tonka bean and the vetiver also plays in very subtly, giving the scent its clean-cut image. Oh, you're beautiful. No... You are beautiful!
The audience is in love, the presenter is thrilled and in front of the TV all viewers would now like to smell a bit of the Oud Wood.

CAMBODIAN OUD is not quite so straightforward there, but develops a little further. Here, the noble woods play an overriding role, yes, they dominate! Cardamom lends a distant coolness, the Cambodian oud contributes its medicinal note and the pepper also plays a quite seductive role in this delightful melange. But now, tense silence returns to the auditorium: What the hell is Cambodian Oud doing now? The presenter is stunned, the audience can't believe their eyes - PATCHOULI? Yes, really: it's patchouli. And quite a lot of it. But only enough to be noticed, not too much that it could dominate or even disturb. No, on the contrary: the earthy, dust-dry patchouli gives the fragrance an incredible depth and darkness. Sexy? Yes. Wicked? Absolutely. Playful? Possibly. Sweet? No, definitely not. There are rough edges here. And as we all know, they make you interesting, sexy and desirable.

Are you even related to each other?

[Continued silence].

Hmm, okay?

Let's move on to the third and final round: the DRYDOWN!

OUD WOOD is about to pull back, get skinny. My batch B88 used here for testing is less of a workhorse and more of an 80% job. Beautiful, seductive, cool, warm, distant, close - ambiguity in a bottle. And even though it lasts longer than most of today's oud wood batches, which tend to wear off quickly in my eyes (or rather, nose) and become skin-deep, the B88 is also a candidate to do only 80% - after all, you work to live, right?
Nevertheless, it is a masterpiece in the drydown and simply beautiful: to the noble woods, medicinal oud, cool cardamom and warming tonka bean is now added to the end a beautiful amber, which guarantees well-being. Hach, a dream.

And CAMBODIAN OUD? The presenter is beside himself, the audience freaks out: What is this guy doing?
It's not amber here, it's vanilla! Is he crazy? What does that smell like?
Everyone pauses for a moment... and there it comes: noble, beautiful, luxurious vanilla - not sweet at all, rather tart. But wonderfully beautiful! This note in combination with the aforementioned patchouli, the precious woods, the distancing cardamom and the medicinal oud round out this artist of seduction completely - and that despite (or maybe even because of) its edges. And it lasts... and lasts... and lasts! And that more than skin deep.

Big applause.

So, what are you now? Twins? Siblings? Relatives?

[Both grin].
Well, dear audience, will you find out?

That's it for this week's family duel.
Have a great weekend and see you soon!

Your Carpintero!
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1 short view on the fragrance
ToreterToreter 1 year ago
This is an Oud Wood clone. The start is kinda weird but drydown is very good andl close to TF OW.
Good longevity but it doesnt projects .
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