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3 months ago - 07.09.2023
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The Open Source Dilemma: A Closer Look At “Perfumer Archive”

The Open Source Dilemma: A Closer Look At “Perfumer Archive”

The recently launched website has quietly entered the stage of the fragrance world. The project, which describes itself as an "open source platform for the perfumery community", is arguably facing potential legal hurdles that could challenge its ambitions.

"Perfumer Archive" praises its collection of formulas, accords and base notes as a boon to the perfume industry. Nevertheless, one cannot overlook the major ethical dilemma associated with the dissemination of what is essentially protected knowledge. The practice raises similar questions to the dissemination of copyrighted music or literature.

Perfumer Archive Website
Perfumer Archive - a platform that will generate discussion in the industry

The artistic question

We believe that knowledge should be shared freely...

The creators of "Perfumer Archive" have set themselves the goal of "democratising" the art of perfume making by offering free access to formulas and accords. Although this approach seems well-intentioned, it trivializes a craft that requires rigorous training. The platform's ready-made formulas reduce the complexity of the art to a set of instructions and undermine the creativity and skill that go into traditional perfumery.

The influx of imitations

One might assume that passing on the formulas would further facilitate the work of the dupe manufacturers, since they would no longer have to decode the formulas themselves. This could even increase the already existing flood of imitations on the market. Thus, the market could conceivably become even more oversaturated, further diluting the value of artisanal fragrances. It could then become increasingly complicated for consumers to distinguish between authentic fragrances and their numerous copies.

The open source approach is questionable

While the democratization of knowledge is an admirable goal, the peculiarities of the perfume industry make this a questionable move. Perfumes have always thrived on the mystique of unique blends and secret formulas. By revealing the formulas, "Perfumer Archive" could become a threat to an industry that relies on uniqueness.

'Vibe Formulas' für beliebte Düfte
"Vibe Formulas" for popular fragrances: democratizing perfumery or undermining craftsmanship?

Visionary or opportunist?

Ziad El-Desoki is the mind behind the project. With his work in various areas of fragrance marketing and creation, El-Desoki is no stranger to the world of scent. However, the motivations behind creating an open-source platform for perfume formulas remain unclear. Is it a genuine attempt to democratize knowledge within the industry, or is there another goal?

A question mark for the industry

So is "Perfumer Archive" a groundbreaking innovation or does it run the risk of endangering the traditional perfumery? Even though the platform claims to make knowledge about perfumery more accessible, one must consider the implications. Will the approach enrich the art form of fragrance, or could it lead to a flood of more dupes?


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