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16 days ago - 17.11.2023
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“Top Picks”: The New Feature for Creative Fragrance Tier Lists

“Top Picks”: The New Feature for Creative Fragrance Tier Lists

Parfumo is excited to launch "Top Picks", a feature that allows users to creatively showcase their fragrance choices. Building on the top-rated fragrances page, this new addition offers greater flexibility and innovation in how users present their selections.

With "Top Picks" you can create individual top lists, so-called tier lists, for fragrances. This lets you present and discover your favorite fragrances in a personal and more creative way. The most important functions at a glance:

List creation: You can create multiple lists on any topic.

Cover image: Each list can be provided with an individual cover image that captures the theme or mood of the list.

Groups: Groups can be created within the lists for a structured sorting of the perfumes. You can assign colors to these groups.

Perfume selection: Perfumes can be placed into the corresponding groups of the lists and arranged in any order.

Awards: Your lists can be awarded by other users. The award will then appear on your page

The new lists are designed for community sharing, fostering increased interaction. Users can engage by commenting on the lists and subscribing to them, ensuring they stay updated. Additionally, there are upcoming features for comprehensive overviews that will showcase and highlight the most popular lists.

This feature is currently being tested. We are open to feedback and look forward to hearing your suggestions and creative lists!

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