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2 months ago - 06.10.2023
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The Smart Fruit Seller - How We Now Rank the Best Perfumes

The Smart Fruit Seller - How We Now Rank the Best Perfumes

We are constantly striving to improve the validity and accuracy of our community's ratings and rankings. As a result, we have updated the way we calculate the ratings for our top lists.

What changes?

Instead of the previous Wilson score, we now use a "weighted Wilson score"

Simple averages vs. ranking

Before we go into detail, you should know that the average scores displayed on the page are not used for ranking in the top lists. The averages give you a first indication of how a fragrance was generally rated, but for a more accurate and meaningful ranking we use a weighted Wilson score.

What does this mean?

Imagine you have two buckets of apples. Bucket A has 3 perfect apples and bucket B has 30 very good apples but also 2 bad ones. Would you say bucket A is better just because all the apples are perfect? Probably not, because bucket B has more very good apples. A "weighted Wilson score" is like a smart fruit seller who takes into account both the quality and the number of apples.

Why is this important?

With this new approach, we are increasing the validity and accuracy of our Top Lists. This means the lists will give a more authentic and well-rounded picture of the perfumes that are actually your favourites.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!

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