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5 years ago - 05.02.2019
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ZARA, the Thunder Feel, and the Metallic Spirit

In late 2018 ZARA released to the market a couple of colognes classified as masculine, in EDP concentration, a great package, a heavy and magnetic cap, a superb sprayer, and a plentiful 120 ml bottle colored with translucent shades outside and liquid silver inside... which almost justify the higher price around 25€ opposed to the regular ZARA releases in between 10-15€.Today I'd like to introduce you to those 2 gorgeous colognes, Thunder Feel and Metallic Spirit respectively.

An Indefinable Aura around the Wearer

The bottle of Thunder Feel is like an evening sky during a storm with thunder, you can feel the storm smell, the lightning, and the thunder. As many reviewers already stated here and elsewhere, this cologne is closely akin to a past release named C0r4n0l (coranol), and I am glad to hear that because the last one was available on a small 50 ml size only.

Thunder Feel opens up with an explosion of cardamom, a black one I reckon due to its raunchy, sturdy, and medicinal aspect that is evocative of opulent patchouli. At the same time, there is a sort of mildness mixed with such darkness, you know, a sweet nightmare, a dirty dream, a wicked game. I don't get any zestiness in the opening, maybe a touch of powdery bergamot is present as in nearly all modern scents, and the sweet aroma might come from the heart notes.

The impetus opening easy a bit down after a few minutes, and it is followed by a slightly powdery and hazelnut aroma, and creamy touch of sweet floral, something reminiscent of ylang-ylang. That should be the coranol molecule, which has an extremely fresh, floral, somewhat vibrant rosy-metallic note that is really almost impossible to miss. The more I stick my nose on my wrist the more I like it.

As time goes on it is that we see a little more woodsy look. The dry down is full of cedarwood, without the pencil sharpener accord. However, it's not ultra woody, but a construction of an accord that suggests nuances of cedarwood with a velvety sensation, and perhaps a bit of fresh and clean musk. In other words, you will probably get a sweet sandalwood/cedar-like smell.

Overall the scent is great, this synthetic aroma hasn't the iso-e-super characteristics, so the fragrance lacks the luminosity and woodsy accord that it would provide, but love the spicy cardamom smell. which you probably know as a sweet sandalwood/cedar-like smell. Performances are in the average, the best wearing season is a cold one, winter. It is a whole day and evening scent, for men of any age and woman who likes masculine-targeted scents.

Smooth, Sexy and Safe Joy

Ok... Metallic Spirit is a must try. It is fresh, crisp, and clean. It is a great flirty scent. My only complaint is that I had to put this on pretty heavy to get the sillage I desired despite its EDP concentration. Albeit it was recently released, this is not a winter scent like its mate Thunder Feel. The bottle of Metallic Spirit is like the tree's leaves during a fall season, shades of gold, bronze, and copper, you can feel the crispy smell, the woodiness, and the moodiness. This cologne is closely akin to another Zara release named Silver, yet in different intensity.

This rich and tantalizing redolence merges the best of both worlds: citrus notes of lemon and lavender, and spicy, earthy notes of cedar. It could be classified as an aromatic fougère and to my nose, it emanates fragrance notes of citrus peel and juice, aromatic herbs, citrus blossom, cedar and sandalwood, and amber accord.

Metallic Spirit opens on my skin with a clean, positive, uplifting, citrusy and a bit peppery lavender with the tender trace of slightly floral orange blossom. The opening is a great fresh mixture of lavender, pink peppercorn, and citrus without being floral or tangy. However, if you don't like lavender or if you prefer strong fragrances, this is not for you. These notes are sheer. There’s a hint of ozone freshness and sports fragrance herbal-menthol as the cologne develops.

As time goes by, white flowers with dominant orange blossom become stronger with a nice touch of clean and a bit bitter neroli, and a warm woody accord makes its appearance. Creamy accord of cedar and sandalwood are mixed with patchouli, which is so tame here that even those who dislike this note will be able to wear it easily. None of its more pungent, rich and animalic aspects are present here. Overall, the fragrance smells nice, when the amber comes in.

The base is more cedar than patchouli, a bit woody accord with dominant sandalwood comes into the game with a whisper of patchouli and with a hint of amber. So, the drydown is all about woody, floral, and moderately sweet and I get some woodiness, amber, and flowers.

Metallic Spirit is a versatile fragrance, which can be used easily in the cool and cold weather, day or night, yet I do feel like wearing it in spring or fall, not a winter scent. I think most of the people don't like the fact that this fragrance is quite linear. No big surprises, not really a deep, complex scent but the beauty is in its simplicity.
It's masculine, sexy, warm, and lasts moderately long on my skin, and it won't choke people around you. Anyone who smells this fragrance on you will come closer to smell it better. And that's what you want, right? I am kidding, but it is a compliments getter, seriously. The longevity is ok considering the price. It has just enough depth in the dry down to keep it interesting; reminding me of a really nice masculine scent and super casual. This scent isn't going to offend anyone. It is distinct, and I got several compliments while wearing it.

Well, if you are anything like me, and love Gucci Guilty genre, you just might be giving a chance to this jewel without prejudice.

That's my two cents worth.


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