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1 year ago - 25.06.2022
Rainbow Blossoms & Seawater Splashes

Rainbow Blossoms & Seawater Splashes

In case you missed it, Mandarina Duck recently launched two new fresh, light and sparkling fragrances on the market, perfect for this hot summer that started well in early June. The fragrances are named for her and for him, they share the shape of the bottle, but they were created by two different noses, Marine Ipert for the pink one with a flowery momentum, and Mathieu Nardin for the blue one with marine overtones. Two essences in perfect contrast, which I want to briefly illustrate. You can find a more detailed and accurate review directly on the page of each perfume. Let's deep dive into the essences.

For Him

The fragrance wraps me with a fresh fougére accord, manly, dewy, and with a marine cut. There are minty spices, slightly sour and a tad sweet and fruity, but not overly sweet. I get something aqueous, but the musky and leathery character is pretty straightforward. In the heart, The marine aspect rises, glorious. I can almost touch it; it is here and comparable to the smell of the air and the splashes of sea water hitting the rocks. When the dry-down comes, it is leathery and, at the same time, woody with musky undertones.

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For Her

Sour, citrus and slightly spicy accord surrounds me. Fresh and sparkling start, there is no sweetness in this overture, just a blast of sour and zesty nuances. More, the dry and papery cedar nuances ooze from the very beginning. A heart full of rainbow blossoms starts beating as soon as the tart blast calms down. Unexpectedly, I get the pleasant and unexpected notes of fresh, leafy tobacco leaves from the paper handkerchief on which I sprayed the perfume. A gentle whisper of musk heralds the arrival of dry-down, with an impressive touch of cedar shavings, almost salty ambergris and the tobacco facet still present in the back.

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Bottom line, I found both on sale for just 15€, so an absolute steal with no room for complaints, just plenty of compliments.



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