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8 months ago - 16.09.2023
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Signature scent: giving up the forest for one tree

Signature scent: giving up the forest for one tree

When I decided to get into this hobby, it was for the reason of a quest. I am the sort of girl who likes things with expiration dates and final curtain calls, and from the very beginning, I'd decided that this hobby would culminate with my finding and deciding on a signature scent. In other words, I do not want to collect forever... only until I find that one fragrance that would be worth my giving up a forest for one tree.

So where am I in this quest? And what fragrances could make it to the 'maybe, quite possibly' list?

Rasasi's Shuhrah pour femme EDP. Skanky oud, aromatic sage, white floral magic and a fresh bergamot opening. Shuhrah could be the one to take my breath away for always.

Carolina Herrera EDP by Carolina Herrera. A foxtrot of tuberose and jasmine that calls to all that is feminine, soft and lovely within me. CH might be 'vintage' but it has the makings of a Grace Kelly that will live on forever.

YSL Opium EDP. Balsamic powder with warmth, resinous depth and spicy sultriness. What complaint could you heap on Opium that it has not already received and vanquished? 

Ajmal's Musk Silk Supreme EDP. Have you ever encountered a perfume with three notes where all three are dominant, yet completely unified? Silk supreme satisfies my need for a musk with an edge, could she be the one?

Although I own and enjoy wearing these four beauties, they don't quite do it for me, well not one of them encompasses all my fire and desire, and so the search will go on. Perhaps what I will find at the end of the rainbow is that I am not the one perfume kind of woman. But I will enjoy the endeavour and keep smelling as I climb these fragrance hills.

And what about you, do you have a signature scent? Are you on the hunt for one? Are there fragrances that you're considering? Will the concept of a signature scent ever be something that you will consider? Do share in the comments section, I enjoy reading your thoughts almost as much as I enjoy penning mine. Bon Week-end 🎈

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