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10 months ago - 26.04.2023

A New Fragrance Chapter in the History of the Drop: "A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)" by Issey Miyake

With the new feminine fragrance "A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)", Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake once again invites you on an olfactory journey to discover the beauty of nature.

Inspired by a drop of water evaporated by the sun's rays through the canopy of trees, the fragrance begins with an accord of leaves followed by soft flowers. The wet leaves of magnolia and lilac merge in an aquatic and floral swirl, finally completed by warm musk. Thus, the new fragrance creation represents another fragrance chapter in the history of the iconic drop, already embodied in "A Drop d'Issey" (2021) and "A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Fraîche)" (2022).

A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)
A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)

Issey Miyake: The creative fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and modern technology

Issey Miyake was founded in 1971 by the Japanese designer of the same name as a fashion factory. Within a short time, the label gained the attention of the fashion industry with its creative and unusual designs, which were a fusion of traditional Japanese materials and techniques and the latest technology.

A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)
A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)

The green fragrance essence of "A Drop d'Issey (Eau de Parfum Essentielle)" is captured in a round transparent bottle with a white cap.

The fragrance will be available in May 2023 in a 50 ml bottle size.

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