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7 months ago - 12.09.2023
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Shalimar Millésime Iris: The New Limited Edition Fragrance Creation From Guerlain

"Shalimar Millésime Iris": The New Limited Edition Fragrance Creation From Guerlain

With "Shalimar Millésime Iris", Guerlain introduces a new limited-edition variation of their iconic creation "Shalimar" that puts the iris flower front and center.

Almost a century after its creation, Shalimar continues to inspire both the women who appreciate it and the perfumers at GUERLAIN, who continue to compose new variations of the fragrance. Shalimar remains a living legend.


Shalimar Millésime Iris (Guerlain)
Shalimar Millésime Iris (Guerlain)

In "Shalimar Millésime Iris", invigorating bergamot and a delicate, powdery heart note of pale iris fuse, enveloped in a warm, sweet accord of white musk, rose and vanilla.

Jacques Guerlain, known as the third and most famous perfumer of the fragrance house, created the timeless fragrance in 1925 "Shalimar", inspired by the love story of the Indian Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved Queen Mumtaz Mahal.

For three years, Guerlain has been launching "Millésime" variations based on the fragrances of the famous perfume. The success of "Shalimar Millésime Vanilla Planifolia" in 2021 was followed "Shalimar Millésime Tonka" in 2022. The latest creation, "Shalimar Millésime Iris", now relies on the iris variety "Iris pallida" to complement the bergamot note with a soft powdery nuance. In addition, rose notes and white musk that intensify the floral and sensual facets. 

The bottle pays homage to the 1925 flacon design and reflects the Art Deco aesthetic of the Shalimar Garden in India.

The new fragrance will be available in limited quantities from October.

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