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1 year ago - 23.01.2023

A Touch of Summer: The New Feminine Fragrance “Sunflowers Honeydaze” by Elizabeth Arden

With the playful fragrance "Sunflowers HoneyDaze" Elizabeth Arden expands the Sunflowers fragrance series available since 1993.

The feminine fragrance opens with warm and fresh notes of beeswax and citrus. A floral-sweet accord of magnolia blossom absolute and jasmine forms the heart of the fragrance before being rounded out by warm cedar on the finish.

The lively and playful composition of "Sunflowers HoneyDaze" is designed to evoke positive memories and capture the essence of sunny days.

Sunflowers HoneyDaze
Sunflowers HoneyDaze

The Elizabeth Arden brand was founded by the eponymous entrepreneur and beautician. She was one of the pioneers who introduced cosmetic products and fragrances in retail stores, revolutionizing the sale of beauty products in the US. She was also among the first entrepreneurs to offer fragrances in small, portable bottles that could easily be taken on the go and were suitable for everyday use.

"Sunflowers HoneyDaze"
is captured in a transparent glass bottle with rounded corners, whose color is reminiscent of sunflower blossoms. The name of the fragrance is presented in green lettering.

The fragrance is available in a bottle size of 100 ml.


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