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23 days ago - 09.09.2023
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Potion Arsenic and Potion Absinthe: Police Presents New Fragrance Duo

"Potion Arsenic" and "Potion Absinthe": Police Presents New Fragrance Duo

Italian fashion label Police continues its rebellious "Potion" collection with two new eaux de parfum "Potion Arsenic" and "Potion Absinthe".

The new line Police Potion is the second unmissable chapter of a collection of potions and opens a new dimension in the world of Police, which appeals to bold men and women seeking seduction and mystery. Be surprised by the beguiling game between the alchemist and his muse.


Potion Arsenic

Created by Parfumeur Pierre Guéros, the top note of the feminine fragrance "Potion Arsenic" reveals sweet coconut, creamy almond and a hint of cinnamon. The heart note unfolds the floral elegance of purple orchids, accompanied by a warm note of tobacco and the exoticism of ylang-ylang. The base note anchors the fragrance with myrrh, earthy patchouli and the sensual sweetness of tonka bean.

Potion Arsenic

Potion Absinthe

The masculine fragrance opens with the distinctive aroma of cannabis, enlivened by tangy tangerine and black pepper. The heart exudes spicy notes of absinthe, accompanied by soothing sage and the subtle warmth of star anise. Finally, the base notes of guaiac wood, the earthy depth of vetiver and the noble strength of cedarwood bring the fragrance to a close. "Potion Absinthe" was created by perfumer Leslie Gauthier.

Potion Absinthe

The bottles are inspired by potion bottles, with the green and purple color meant to evoke arsenic and absinthe.

The chemical element arsenic belongs to the semimetals and was known as a poisonous substance in history due to its toxic properties. Today, arsenic compounds are used as pesticides, wood preservatives and decolorizers in some countries.

Absinthe on the other hand is a strong alcoholic drink with a striking green color, known for its anise flavor and herbal aroma. In Germany, absinthe was banned for 75 years because it was believed that the drink could make people crazy and violent.

The fragrance duo is part of Police's "Potion" collection, which began in 2021 with "Potion Power" and "Potion Love" and expanded in 2022 with "Potion for Him" and "Potion for Her".

The new fragrances are available in bottle sizes of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

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