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2 years ago - 12.01.2022
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1907 - a young Slovak perfume house with tradition. Interview and giveaway

The Slovak boutique perfume house 1907 is both young and rich in tradition: founded in 2014, it goes back to the legacy of the grandmother of its founder. She once supplied the court of the count family Andrássy with home-made cosmetics. We asked Eva a few questions.

How did everything start?

It all started in 2009. Childhood memories influenced me to start the brand, mainly all the time spent with my grandmother, who knew how to make fragrant lotions. Our brand “1907” saw light in 2014 when the first collection was released worldwide. Today, our brand still preserves its title as a niche brand that serves a specific target audience!

Eva, what inspired you to make perfume?

It varies each time. Sometimes a memory pushes me to create perfume, sometimes a place, and sometimes a person. It depends on what we want to say about those perfumes. Perfume is an invisible art, but it can make the whole atmosphere around its wearer feel complete, underline the situation, or even capture the mood.

Perfume is about feelings and impressions that are a part of our daily lives. We are aware of these things, but we slightly deal with them, or sometimes even suppress them, although they are there. Those are things that are engraved deeply within us, remain unsaid, and in a way form and mold our lives.

How did you learn to create fragrances?

We are working with perfumers from Grasse. So the idea comes from us, then the perfume is completed to its final form in Grasse. This is how we ensure that the perfume fulfills all the regulations such as IFRA, and the quality of materials used is notable.

Then, we proceed with the production of the final product when the completed perfume returns to us.

What is the first phase of creating a brand-new perfume?

First, we need to have a concept. What we want to create and how the scent of the perfume should be must be crystal clear. Based on that, we choose the perfume ingredients which are relative to the concept.

For example, if we want it to smell clean and womanly, we will incorporate white flowers and powdery tones. This way, by mixing the ingredients, we will fulfill all expectations.

What makes a fragrance beautiful?

Subjectivity. We perceive fragrances very subjectively. We perceive sweets differently. Something may be too sweet for someone and fresh for someone else. Based on that, we decide if a fragrance is beautiful for us.

Similarly, the ingredients used play a major role. If, for example, we used something that had ambroxan at a young age, we will grow up to perceive it as beautiful. Already as children, we develop preferences as to what fragrances we will cherish.

What raw materials do you use?

Vanilla absolute, violet leaves absolute, jasmine absolute, rose absolute, ylang-ylang. Essential oils (lavender, bergamot, sandalwood oil from New Caledonia). Molecules stemming from natural products (geraniol, linalool.) CO2 extracts (pink pepper, cardamon.) Different kinds of white musks (habanolide, velvione.) They're many.

What is your absolute favorite perfume?

Mostly, the one I'm wearing before releasing it to the market! 😊I like perfumes that have iris/orris. There is something that generally entertains in each perfume, so it is difficult to name a specific perfume as a personal favorite. The world is full of beautiful fragrances! For example, I like the smell of the blooming lilacs in the spring, and I cannot resist the smell of fresh coffee or chocolate in my kitchen.

What are your plans for the future?

First, to continue all the genuine and honest work. We would like to broaden our perfume collections, make Beneath the Surface more timeless and the Fragment collection more modern & contemporary.

As the brand already gained its clients worldwide, we are, of course, interested to continue broadening the point of sales and being closer to our clients.

Eva, thank you for the interview!

If you would like to discover the brand 1907, just reply to this article until January 16th at 11:59 pm (UTC+1). We will give away one bottle of the brand among all answers.

Good luck!

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